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Domingo Tambasacan
Let's outfit your Weebly site!
Let's outfit your Weebly site!

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Weebly Tricks #100 - CSS3 Lightbox Effects
Welcome to our 100th trick and it's gonna be smooth, clean and really awesome. Great for photography sites. This lightbox overlays a bigger photo with a smooth fade in effects. The script has been edited for a better output on Weebly template. Check it out!...

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Weebly Tricks #99 - CSS3 Filter Function
For sure you can't resist our next tutorial. Something that sorts your images using only CSS3. The demo shows smooth appearance of photos being sorted. Additionally, a simple hover effects has been applied. CLICK HERE FOR LIVE DEMO CSS .ff-container{ width:...

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Weebly Tricks #98 - CSS3 Sliding Image Effects
Here is another simple yet amazing slideshow that we can add on your site. Using only CSS3, we can create a beautiful image effects with 4 styles but I'm gonna show only one for this time. Thanks to Codrops, you better check it out. CLICK HERE FOR LIVE DEMO...

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Weebly Tricks #96 - Blur Menu Effect
Can you really create a good landing page with Weebly? Yes you can!! It's boring to see flat sites with obsolete designs these days. In this tutorial, you can create a very beautiful landing page using a typical theme. We only need few codes. Check it out. ...

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Weebly Tricks #96 - Particle Button and Glow Effect
Bored of your buttons? How about trying this unusual button effects for your site? Simple yet stuns visitors when properly blended on your site's theme. Nice to see you again :) CLICK HERE FOR LIVE DEMO FOOTER CODE Where to place these codes? Click Here! <s...

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Weebly Tricks #95 - Simple CSS3 Image Caption Effects
I'm back after few months of busy life. I would like to start with some easy tutorials while coping and updating some of the basic steps I've made earlier. Today, learn how to add simple Caption Effects on your photos when hovering your mouse over them. Hop...

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Weebly Tricks #94 - Free HTML5 Audio Player with Playlists
Want an audio player with your Free Weebly Account? Or even better put a playlists for your favorite musics? Now you can! Thanks to one of our Weeblers for referring us this code. It has been simplified and should work on every template. Give it a try!!! CL...

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Weebly Tricks #93 - Animated Text Fills
Codrops has posted a new Text Animation styles which I think should be taught to Weeblers. The idea is to add effects to our text either by texture or background. They created 11 effects which is highly experimental but should work on most modern browsers. ...

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Weebly Tricks #92 - Enlarge Image within Hover
Added to our mouseover collection is an effect to enlarge image automatically within hover. The CSS3 transform property creates a very smooth effect to view an image larger. Most of all, we will only need few CSS codes without the use of JQuery. Its easy an...

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