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+Google won't let me add my silly education details to my G+ profile.
I made:

var k = ["knowledge"],
    l = "learning",
    max = undefined;
while (k.length != max) {
    if (k.indexOf(l) < 0) {
    } else {
        document.getElementById("life").innerHTML = k.toString();

for the "Course description" with "Awake" as my school's name, "Coding" as the focus of my education, "onClick" for the "Start" and "Current" for the end.

Apparently they don't like code in their textboxes.
Somewhat seriously - WTF?!
It's only text. Just don't execute it, and you should be good to go!
It's not like I'm attempting a cross site scripting attack, or SQL injection!

Silly Google.

FYI: It's nonsense code. If the value of the var (variable) l was constantly changed (perhaps by another script - but that's another story), each iteration of the while loop would express all the knowledge on any pass that wasn't focussed on storing new learning.
So, if l was changed too frequently, there'd never be a chance for the expression of any knowledge, but conversely, the expression of knowledge is dependant on there being something new to say.

Not complete nonsense ;-)
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Fred Gandt

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Happiness is a balloon in a car :-)
I must admit to not twigging until he pulled out the jar of water.
I like learning stuff \o/
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I love how a 5 year old gets it when it's explained right, and find shameful that if we went into typical schools, we'd unlikely meet 5 year olds with even half a chance of getting it.
#ScienceIsFun  \o/
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Fred Gandt

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+TheSwissMAVERICK is currently streaming "casual ops" on Twitch.
He's using Arma 3 Zeus and a very high quality stream.
If you're interested...
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Fred Gandt

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I just tried submitting a feature request...
I was attempting to send feedback to +Google, but the submission was repeatedly rejected. I have a feeling they may not have liked the content.

Text formatting (particularly user submitted) as seen on sites such as YouTube and G+ via Chrome

Feature Request

Please build and enable correct formatting of text based emoticons.

I'm being serious; expression and communication is what the internet is all about, and emoticons are at least as valid a form of communication and expression as any other word, and arguably more so.
Recognising emoticons as words to be wrapped (or not) as such, should be standardised, and you can lead the way \o/ ;-)

I won't bore you with the details, as if I have to explain myself, I'm talking to the wrong people >.O
Suffice to say: finding that after submitting a comment to a post, one of my eyes has been ripped away from my face, and deposited on the next line, is somewhat disquieting O.o >.<

Thanks, Me :-)

I would consider it almost humorously ironic if the use of emoticons caused their parser to freak out!
Almost >.<
The emoticon is nearly 30 years old. We take a look back at some memorable points in its past.
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They didn't get a chance to ignore me, 'cause the suggestion wouldn't submit. I will try again today.
Indeed, we should be seeing the same content (albeit perhaps differently presented) wherever we go.
A winky smile might be the difference between a blazing row, or a friendship made in heaven.
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Fred Gandt

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This is flaming good physics!! ;-)
+Veritasium visited Denmark to meet with the talent behind +YouTube channel who specialise in demonstrating physics with - cool shit \o/
Pretty patterns @.@
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Fred Gandt

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"... Now that's a game I would play :-) "

LMAO at the in other news punchline.
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Fred Gandt

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A fine example of the "User made content" that makes Arma 3 great!
One of the main reasons I am so keen on this platform, is that it's not a game in the strictest sense. It's a platform upon which the users/players can build the content they need/want.
+Bohemia Interactive has created a powerful and simple scripting interface/system that allows quite rapid deployment of practically anything you can imagine, and that the platform is capable of.
i.e. You're hardly limited. If the platform can do it, you can use it in almost any way.
This style of game is commonly referred to as "a sandbox", since rather than being told what to do and where to go, you can create whatever you fancy - as and when you like - and then invite your friends to come and play your game.
Add to this really quite astounding platform the new Zeus feature, and for an extraordinarily fair price (average for a high quality game) you can play and create practically infinite content! :-)

This relatively simple module for example is built around a bunch of scripting commands supplied by BI (Bohemia Interactive) that rather than being forced on the user as a prepackaged functionality, has been nicely implemented by a member of the vast community of +Armaholic s to suit a particular purpose. However, the same scripting language and commands can be used by others in many other ways, to achieve many other simulations.

The Arma 2 sale is still on BTW. Until 4th May 2014, you can still get 75% off Arma 2 titles direct from (requires Steam).
So you can get your feet wet (so to speak) for a bargain basement trifling piffle.

Arma 3 though (the featured platform) is well worth the outlay, and in many ways - far more advanced.
I'm looking forward to creating more content for it myself, and seeing what other more experienced creators come up with as time goes on.

Here endeth today's sermon.
Amen Arma!

Thanks to and +TheSwissMAVERICK for these excellent showcases.
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My pleasure TSM. Thanks for making :-)

I haven't made any helicopters Jane - I've written little bits of code for them - but the models I used are built into the "Vanilla" package.
I will pass on the browser game for now. I'm up to my ears in things to do!
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Fred Gandt

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Amazing again!
+FaceRig clarified in their post that the pupil dilation is not tracked, but button actuated.
Still - damn cool :-)
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Awesome. :3
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The #HeartbleedBug   is/was a very serious screwup, by someone.
Shameful really that something so rudimentary and ubiquitous should be so deeply flawed >.<
If you're a +LastPass user, you can check your security via their "Lastpass Security Challenge" (accessible from their +Google Chrome Browser Extension under "tools"), including how you may be affected by Heartbleed.
For more info, see LastPass' blog:

FYI: If you have any intention of reading RFC 6520, you may like to consider installing my Google Chrome Browser Extension "RFCRestyle" which makes the highly enjoyable task of reading RFCs a little more enjoyable (if such a thing is even possible ;-)).
Get it here:

Be Safe! :-)
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I just fixed a very very minor security flaw in my Google Chrome Browser Extension! :-/
The update (v1.0.2.0) is currently being published (processing) on the Chrome Web Store.
It was requesting font support via "http://" but is now making the request via "https://" as it should always have.
These mistakes do happen, and I am in no position to judge ;-)
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Fred Gandt

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I make an excellent cup of tea
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I suppose this bit should make sense from the perspective that it fits between my "Tagline" and my "Bragging rights".


I suppose one relevant thing I could mention is my circling policy:
Everyone who adds me to a circle gets circled back. there are no exceptions, and I will continue to do that until I hit my limit.
By that time (if it ever comes) I should have organised my circles well enough to be able to selectively crop to make room for new people and pages.
So basically, all the time I have space, everyone gets added, then when space gets tight I'll prune my circles as necessary.

Why am I doing this?
Since Google has (the last I knew anyway) a hard limit of 5000 people and/or pages any one person or page can circle, and I figure that if I ever get to that point, I want to be connected to those who supported my getting there :-)

One upshot of this policy is that I will circle people and pages who only circled me to get some attention. I know this, but I also know that they'll be the first to get chopped when the time comes, unless they prove themselves worth knowing along the way.
The point is to be aware that just because I have someone or a page in my circles, it doesn't necessarily mean more than that they circled me at some point.

However, don't assume that I am simply gathering names.
I do look through profiles and post streams when I get time, and move people and pages from background circles to forefront circles whenever I find stuff I like :-)
So, if I've recently added you back, but then you don't hear from me directly, don't feel ignored, and I don't think of you as a trophy, I am just biding my time and taking things easy.

Summary: If you're in my circles, I want you there :-)
And I look forward to interacting with you as the years roll by.
Bragging rights
I once cried myself to sleep, yet I am still convinced it's better to feel too much than too little.
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I've had several pieces of work done over a number of years at 14 tattooing, by the proprietor and "main" artist (of 3 (the last time I was there)). Their work is of an excellent standard, performed quickly, and with the greatest care and attention to detail. All work carried out (whether fully custom, customised, or from their massive collection of flash) is discussed carefully by the staff, to be certain of satisfaction. The premises are exceptionally clean, as is all the equipment, and tea and coffee is available and constantly flowing :-) I will be returning for more work this year, and wouldn't desire to go anywhere else. People come to and call upon the award winning artists from all around the country (and even the world!). As an extremely satisfied customer, I am one who no matter how far I might need to travel, I'll always return to 14 tattooing to get my work done.
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