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Interesting Idea: The Failure Resume
If you don't already visit Dan Pink's site on a regular basis to view the Pinkcast, I recommend you change that habit. He posts short, insightful videos that can help you improve yourself or think about things slightly differently. A few weeks ago as I was ...

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Spring Cleaning Your Mental Clutter
Can I confess something to you? I have a tendency to clutter things up. My office, my desk, my phone, my email inbox. But it has been several weeks now since Spring has officially arrived, with sunny days interrupted by occasional rainstorms. Flowers are in...

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Whom Do You Take With You When You Leave?
When a new executive arrives into a company, we often expect them to bring a crew along with them. It's normal and expected. As high-performing people get hired into new positions, often a team is hired in reality. The leader of an excellent group recognize...

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How to Maximize Your Sales and Revenue Potential with Subscriptions (And What's the Rule of 78?)
Here's your warning: this post may ramble on and include lots of math. It has charts and tables to help. Now that I've got that out of the way, I thought I'd share with you what seems obvious but might not click until you can actually walk through and visua...

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Fighting Off The New Year's Breakdown
As we approach the end of January, the gyms start to empty out. If you regularly work out, you might find it easier to grab a treadmill or elliptical the next time you go. Credit card balances across the nation have already ceased to decline. And all that p...

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Entrepreneurs: You Probably Think This Post (And Your Business) Is About You
As an entrepreneur, you might live in a world where your business completely revolves around you. After all, your expertise and hard work built the business to where it is today. Your capital likely went in to start the business in its infancy. You might ev...

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The Problem With Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing can be a useful tool for getting some recognition and spreading the word about your products. After all, it allows you to connect directly with a substantially broader audience via someone that they already may have a trusted relationshi...

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Make Your 2017 Goals Happen With This Plan
So, here we are, one full week into 2017. Got those resolutions and goals accomplished yet? If you're like me, you have scratched the surface of a few, but the majority still need a lot of work. So I thought I would share how I am breaking down my projects ...

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2016 Year in Review
First off, Happy New Year! I don't know about you, but to me, 2016 did not just fly by like some previous years. It seemed to drag on and on and on. I've heard similar sentiment from others, and I can't put my finger on it. Perhaps it was the prolonged poli...

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5 Things to Do This Week to Wrap Up Your Year
If you have been giving any gifts the past couple of days, you might have thought you were done with the wrapping well before now, but it is time for one more present - this time for you. Let's wrap up your year by doing some little things the last week to ...
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