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G. Ken Holman
Delivering consulting and training services worldwide in XML/XSLT/ XQuery/XSL-FO/UBL/code lists/&c.
Delivering consulting and training services worldwide in XML/XSLT/ XQuery/XSL-FO/UBL/code lists/&c.


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I'm in the middle of a very busy month that has nothing at all to do with work!

Comments and questions on the photographs are more than welcome. I hope Canadian readers will consider receipted charitable contributions to (note only one "t") in their annual givings. All of the money goes to the programmes, zero dollars are spent on salaries or offices in Canada.
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I've started a Google album of a few selected photographs from my volunteer trip to Longido for June 2018 at:

These photographs are captioned, but you can only see the caption if you click on the circled (i) - for "information" - in the top right corner of the screen.

Comments and questions posted to any of the photographs are most welcome.

I'll continue to add photographs to this one album for the rest of the trip, so check back often!

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Evidence I must wave my arms in order to engage my voice

Many thanks to Johannes von Mulert of Vereon AG for permission to share these few photographs of me speaking at the Exchange Summit conference last week in Barcelona (an interesting city to be in last week not just for electronic invoicing!).

And many thanks to Liz Ogilvie at Hair Junkie Ottawa for the professional permanent hair colouring (a first for me!). Having the green streak helped me get to talk to almost but not quite every attendee at the conference as an interesting ice-breaker to conversations. Of course each conversation then led to a discussion about OASIS UBL as to why I was at the conference!

As my hair won't grow out for another five weeks, I'll still have the conversation starter!

Two photographs added from the CEN/TC434 conference in Brussels, with thanks to Andrea Caccia.
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Big problem with Note 8 - do I return it?

Thank you for choosing to chat with us. An agent will be with you shortly.
Info at 22:32, Sep 18:
You are now chatting with Vaughan.
Vaughan at 22:32, Sep 18:
Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Canada support. How may I assist you today?
Ken Holman at 22:33, Sep 18:
Hello! My name is Ken. I picked up my Note 8 two days ago.
Vaughan at 22:33, Sep 18:
Sure,please go ahead with your question.
Ken Holman at 22:33, Sep 18:
I have spent two days loading all of my apps and my data from my Note 5. I ran both phones for two days to ensure that the Note 8 was working.
Ken Holman at 22:34, Sep 18:
Tonight I moved my SIM card from my Note 5 to my Note 8, and my Note 8 performed a full system reset and I have lost all of my data.
Ken Holman at 22:34, Sep 18:
Is my phone broken?
Ken Holman at 22:35, Sep 18:
Vaughan at 22:35, Sep 18:
May I have few minutes while I go through the chat?
Ken Holman at 22:36, Sep 18:
Sure ... I had no acknowledgement so I assumed you had left me.
Vaughan at 22:37, Sep 18:
Sorry for that.
Vaughan at 22:37, Sep 18:
Thank you for waiting.
Vaughan at 22:38, Sep 18:
This is called SIM profilling.
Ken Holman at 22:38, Sep 18:
What is "SIM profiling"? My SIM card has nothing to do with my data and apps.
Ken Holman at 22:38, Sep 18:
The phone is just one application amongst many.
Vaughan at 22:40, Sep 18:
In this the device will reset on its own and it will be triggered on every SIM install.
Ken Holman at 22:41, Sep 18:
But I have SIM cards from around the world ... how do I turn this off?
Vaughan at 22:42, Sep 18:
Sorry, there is no such option to turn if off
Ken Holman at 22:43, Sep 18:
Ouch! Where is this documented? How did I miss this before I loaded up my phone with data over two days of effort?
Vaughan at 22:46, Sep 18:
I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
Vaughan at 22:46, Sep 18:
It is no where documented.
Ken Holman at 22:47, Sep 18:
Is it company policy to hide such important information? I feel betrayed!
Vaughan at 22:48, Sep 18:
We appreciate your feedback and suggestions on our product. We will certainly take a note of your suggestions since Samsung strives to help its customers and serve you better in future.
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I am in Lincoln, Nebraska and I think I will never tire of the totality of a solar eclipse. The first totality for us was in Munich in 1999. Next one is an hour's drive from home, not three day's drive from home, in 2024. Still so worth the effort to see it. I feel very lucky.
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Many thanks to for publishing my latest essay. And thanks to Mukul Gandhi for prompting the discussion on XML-Dev!

Horses for courses: A perspective on an XML vs. JSON discussion
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Disaster planning

July 1 marked my 7th year of "retirement" (working for fun, not having to work) and I spent much of it implementing my disaster plan for Crane Softwrights Ltd.

I agree "disaster" sounds ominous, but really I've been meaning to do this for many years and the worst thing you can do with a disaster plan is put off implementing it because disaster can strike unexpectedly. I often use the example of "getting hit by a bus".

So I converted into a hybrid web site, exploiting server-side redirects.

The portion of the web site devoted to "brochure-ware" remains on the Crane server (my biography, my past teaching schedule, my contact information, services I offer that involve my personal participation, etc.) and it isn't important if all of that information should disappear when the company shuts down.

The following community-oriented content has been migrated to Git: all of my free developer resources, all of my essays that are not hosted elsewhere, and all of my PDF books that are now available for free instead of offered for sale.

News! All four books are now free (no updates planned for any).

You should have a disaster plan and you shouldn't put off implementing it because I think I see a bus coming around the corner over there...
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OASIS UBL - ISO/IEC 19845:2015 and the blockchain

Many thanks to for publishing my latest essay.
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On our walk today I asked my wife, a preacher, if she wanted to save a lost sole, and she decided not to.
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