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Our new Camping General Store is now open.  Video tour to be posted soon.

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WOW! Glad not to be a frog.
Venus Flytrap/Dionaea  catching a frog

The Venus flytrap. Dionaea muscipula, is a carnivorous plant native to subtropical wetlands on the East Coast of the United States. It catches its prey—chiefly insects and arachnids— with a trapping structure formed by the terminal portion of each of the plant's leaves and is triggered by tiny hairs on their inner surfaces. When an insect or spider crawling along the leaves contacts a hair, the trap closes if a different hair is contacted within twenty seconds of the first strike. The requirement of redundant triggering in this mechanism serves as a safeguard against a waste of energy in trapping objects with no nutritional value.

Having secured its meal, the trap begins to eat by releasing an array of digestive enzymes--special proteins that help control the rate of chemical reactions. This acidic concoction dissolves the victim, allowing the Venus flytrap to absorb the nitrogen it can't get from the nutrient-poor soil in which it grows. Around ten days later, the trap reopens, revealing a crumbling exoskeleton.
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The harvest is almost here, just a few more days.  Call Amy if you wan to help get the grapes in 910 653 2944.

Pool open in days!!

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Glamping at Carrollwoods Campground & Vineyard

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View of the Inn d'Vine

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Our 9 House Wines
April 8, 2013
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Carrollwoods Campground at Grapefull sisters Vineyard
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