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Truck Storage Console Repair
Here's a fun project that combined 3D printing, auto repair, and wood work: Replacement console cover for a '97 Ford Ranger pickup truck. Motivation: My truck has a broken center console cover. This was one of those small annoyances that made my daily life ...

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3D Printed chair feet replacement service: bring me your broken/missing chair feet!
Announcement: New service: 3D printed replacement chair feet: bring me your broken or missing chair feet! If you have a chair that needs replacement feet, drop me a line , perhaps I can help you keep your chair out of the landfill. Background :  For the pas...

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Glass frame screw caps for exterior house doors
The rear entry area of our home is very dark, so we decided that an easy way to add light was to replace our old, drafty, malfunctioning rear entry door with a modern door with a glass panel to allow more light. Our first problem was that our rear door happ...

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Archery Bow Square
I've recently begun learning archery. When you receive your first bow, one of the first things you need to do is set it up by adjusting the brace height , and add a nock point to your string.  I'm not going to explain here how to do those things as I'm just...

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How to redesign a kitchen pantry
We're rehabilitating our new home. Here's how we redesigned our kitchen pantry. Before: dirty and unusable, lots of wasted space. Problem 1. The shelves were few (3) and too deep (24 and 36 inch) In a situation like a pantry, instead of a small number of de...

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Shapeoko+Arduino+Raspberry Pi+Easel
Fair warning: this post gets slightly technical. I decided that I didn't want to use any computer with fans to control my Shapeoko - fans suck up dust and get clogged and die and Shapeokos put out plenty of dust. I chose to try controlling my Shapeoko with ...

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Mini Project: Headphone Modification
I recently acquired a pair of Sony MDR-ZX100 headphones as a door prize at a conference. When I took them home, I decided that I really like their rotating earcup design and I was surprised to discover that their sound is noticeably better than my ancient, ...

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some photos from the SATcamp 2014 photoboop
SATcamp 2014 Photoboop
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Electric Zeppelin Racing League
 I was recently honored with a commission from Redmoon theater  to design a kit for kids to assemble at their annual Skelebration Children's Halloween party. What we came up with is the Electric Zeppelin Racing League. The goal is to have (small) people com...

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Lace toggles
Here's a quick one: Due to record cold, I've been using my insulated work boots on a daily basis for the first time. While I love them, I hate how long it takes to get them on and off, and it takes forever to adjust them when wearing gloves. So, I downloade...
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