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oooh, +Kate Brown just showed me how sparks works. And comics is a featured interest! GOOOOOO COMICS!
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Did sparks just appear yesterday? I'm sure I didn't see them at the weekend...
@David: Sparks have been on my account since I joined early last week. I guess different people might be getting different features during this stage of development.
Please share more, I have wanted to learn more about those!
I wish Sparks were more specific, I mean take anime for example, if you put that into Sparks the results are mostly junk. What I'd like to see is something like Google News, but with +1 or Google+ sharing support.
So you can have customised Sparks?

Feeding in Google News into your Google+ stream would be logical.
Be more specific than "comics" -- think of them as live-updating google alerts for content on G+, and tailor them accordingly.
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