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Emma Vieceli
Comicker and proud geek - helloooo!
Comicker and proud geek - helloooo!

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BREAKS is a free-to-read webcomic by myself and Malin Ryden, updating every Monday. And today page 12 went up, which puts us half way through the prologue, ooooh!

Oh, wow. So, I just got the google+ app on my companion and...erm...I'm so sorry, guys! Quite a lot of you have added me in my absence, thank you so much! I must seem such an ingrate, but I've not actually been logged in at all for a very long time, with the exception of having a few meetings. But now I have an app...I shall try harder! If you added me and think I was totally ignoring you - I wasn't! Promise!
If we're friends and know each other, do feel free to nudge me and I'll add you back...easier than me trawling through, like, a year's worth of adds - oops ;_;

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Join me as I talk BREAKS, answer questions and do a spot of livedrawing with Wacom on googlehangouts ^_^
Join our Google+ Hangout with +Emma Vieceli at 11:00am PST.

We're diving into Emma's webcomic, Breaks and learning how to go from digital pencil to ink, and if there's time, we'll begin talking about color in Manga Studio. Learn more about Emma's webcomic, Breaks, here:

Bring your questions!
Emma will answer your questions live, and we'll do a random drawing of 6 questions to give away one  #IntuosCreativeStylus  and 5 Bamboo Duos. 

- Introduce Emma and her work
- Talk about the comics industry
- Show how-to pencil and ink in Manga Studio

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Frostbite made the Goodreads graphic novel nominations. It's an amazing list, so do please cast your vote and have your voice heard! ^_^

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And while I'm here...this little montage is to celebrate the fact that the Avalon Chronicles book 2 is now fully arted! Written by Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir  ,drawn and inked by me, and toned by +N. Li - the series is published by Oni Press ^__^

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I think that it's the right time to re-post this. XD Paul Duffield animated my little Shakespeare bishie from years back...and I suspect that this is Will's troll face for poor, bemused David Tennant ^_^
Paul Duffield does it again....more Vieceli/Duffield eyebrow action! XD

So - hi Google+! Is there a way of feeding tumblr posts through to this? that would be so's getting tough to keep on top of social networking. Remember when we all had a livejournal and that was it? Them were the days smokes invisible pipe

chokes on non-existent smoke

politely lowers invisible pipe

Recently, my good friends +Wil Wheaton and +Ariana Osborne have pulled me back here by posting that hugely entertaining David Tennant Hamlet gif set, so I thought I should at least say hi to those of you who added me because of that. Thank you, Wil and Ariana!
to the new faces!

I'll honestly make efforts to keep this account a little updated. I know there'll be some clever account linking hokery pokery out there. You'd think I'd be better at the internets after so many years, eh?

So - hellloooooo new circle buddies. Thank you for adding me to your shiny circles ^_^
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