in 1995 I bought a Suzuki Sierra 4WD, and it changed my life. That little red car took me to places that I never dreamed of and gave me more unforgettable experiences than you could imagine. But it also introduced me to the Suzuki 4WD Club of NSW, where I learned more lessons about life, leadership, initiative and resourcefulness than I would have ever believed possible.

In 1985, not long after buying the little red Sierra and joining the club, I started writing articles, stories and trip reports for the monthly club magazine. Over the years I wrote a lot about the travel that I was doing in my little red Sierra (and several other Suzuki 4WDs that followed).

Back in the days before blogs were invented, I collected some of these stories together into a website that I built first with PageMill and later rebuilt with Dreamweaver. (I also learned a lot about web design, publishing, writing for an audience and telling stories.)

After finding those html files recently on an old drive, I spent tonight migrating many of these stories, reports, articles and poems onto a blog using Blogger. The posts have been backdated to their original publication dates, as far back as 1985. And dare I say, some of them are a pretty good read. Although the images in the posts are only very small lo-res graphics, it's amazing to look back over a time span that stretches from my young single days to watching my kids growing up as we explored Australia by 4WD.

I'm pleased these stories are once again online and shared (under a CC license) as they tell about a very important part of my life over over a 20 year period.

I no longer own a 4WD (although i do still drive a Suzuki). Sometimes I really miss it. But I'm really glad that I can look back over these two decades and relive some pretty amazing memories.

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