I'm getting a steady stream of notifications from G+ telling me that all these people are adding me to their circles. Many (most?) of the names I don't recognise. Who are you people?

I've been reciprocating to some degree... if I recognise your name from other places like Twitter, or you're in the same business as me (education) I sometimes add you to one of my circles. But lately, the names and the adds have been so random I just wonder who some of you are? And why are you adding me to your circles?

It's nice to be popular, if indeed that is the reason. But I suspect it's not. Whatever "popularity" I might have moves in far smaller and less random circles than that.

It appears more to be other people just doing a random "friend grab" to build circle numbers. Maybe I'm wrong, but that seems an exceptionally stupid way to build a social network.

I'm less fussy about who I follow back on my Twitter (although still somewhat selective... I look carefully at who people are and don't use any autofollowing) But it seems to me that G+ should be a more selective space... or at least selective in the sense that I ought to actually KNOW you. So, I find it interesting that so many folk are adding me to circles when we clearly don't have a personal relationship.

Within reason, I can see the value in circling "thought leaders" and web-celebs. I follow people like +Leo Laporte and +Jeff Jarvis and +Sergey Brin and +Gina Trapani etc, because I find them interesting and I value their insights, but I think it's easy to see that they are in a very different use case to "regular people" like me. I haven't been posting very much here on G+, yet I still have unknown people circling me.

I realise we can be somewhat selective and granular about the way we actually use our G+ networks because of this brilliant Circles idea, but it still seems to me like a bit of common sense about who you add to your circles in the first place is not such a silly idea?

Or do I have it all wrong? Am I the one that doesn't get it?
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