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Tough Loving
How many of you remember this
song; “Love me jeje, love me tender, you are my sugar, my honey my tender
lover, if you say you love me I go stay forever” *insert beats, and start
dancing butterfly* oops sorry I got carried away for a moment.  See how love is...

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The Countless joys of Motherhood
post was supposed to be up on Mother’s day but unfortunately, baby+ terrible
internet service won’t let this blog be. The month of March is basically
dedicated to women and mothers; guys sorry but we rule the world. This was my
first Mother’s day celeb...

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Pet Peeves
This post is inspired by Ebony
Life TV’s The Spot, a talk show hosted by Ebuka (hot guy), Zainab (my female
crush if I would admit having one) and Lamide. There is these segment where
they state their pet peeves, these is like something small that is annoyi...

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Stereotyping; the tribal ish
I sometimes get into this
situation where I introduce myself and the person asks where I am from.
Although my name should give you an idea as I bear my native name but let’s sha
forgive them.  I reply Akwa Ibom State
and sometimes, there are like 3 reaction...

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The wife and the cheating husband
There are some men (emphasis on
some) who can cheat for Africa. People say African men are polygamous in
nature; Scratch that all men and it seems as though it is socially acceptable
for men to cheat, society doesn’t ask questions. Infact you would be seein...

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To snoop or not to snoop
Sometime ago I dated this guy
who I am sorry to say wasn’t quite faithful (putting it mildly). We had one of
our numerous break up to make up sessions and in the slow process of making up,
he went on holiday. We were ought to have gone together but I didn’t...

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I know a lot of people who just turned 30 either last year or this year and you know after the initial excitement, you realize; shoot I am getting young. It's no more the fast paced, fun filled  20s, S**t just got serious. So being the nice person that I am...

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Women, Success and Marriage
Sometimes I wonder if everyone is destined to get married, find your missing rib, soul-mate or the supposed love of your life. What happens to the people who never find that soul mate? does it mean they would spend their whole life in complete misery? I hav...

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Happy Valentine's Day
Yay!!! Its the day we all have been waiting for. Happy Valentine day to my esteemed Blog visitors, you keep me going everyday. You are all my virtual loves even though sometimes you don't like commenting but I love you all the same. Have some cupcakes on me...

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