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#Kotlin #writefile #PrintWriter #BufferedWriter #extensionfunctions

This tutorial shows you how to write to File in Kotlin using PrintWriter, BufferedWriter or just File Kotlin extension functions.

I. Technology
II. Practice
1. PrintWriter
2. BufferedWriter
3. File Kotlin extension functions
4. When input text is null
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#kotlin #readfile #InputStream #BufferedReader

This tutorial shows you how to read File in Kotlin using InputStream or BufferedReader.

I. Technology
II. Overview
1. Goal
2. Steps to do
III. Practice
0. kotlination.txt
1. Use InputStream
1.1 Read All Lines
1.2 Read By Line
2. Use BufferedReader
2.1 Read All Lines
2.2 Read By Line
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Spring JPA helps us improve our codes and reduce efforts for development and maintenance.

It supports us the ways to write interface for repositories and custom finder methods, the implementation will be done automatically by Spring Framework.

This Kotlin tutorial shows you how to use Spring JPA with PostgreSQL using Spring Boot.

– Java 1.8
– Kotlin 1.1.2
– Maven 3.3.9
– Spring Tool Suite 3.8.4.RELEASE
– Spring Boot 1.5.3.RELEASE
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