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Regator has launched a new desktop information discovery app, we call it Reading Desk. Give it a try, let it run in the background on your desktop or laptop and get stories that interest you as often as you like. Share simply to all major social networks. Easy.

oh hello Google+...

I simply don't know how people have the time for this...

it might be just me, but I kind of throw up in my mouth a bit every time I hear the words "social graph" used. There has to be a better descriptor for your online groups of friends/followers/mob/whatever. It's just way too nerdy and irksome.

Raining in Atlanta... Happy 4th y'all. Hope you're having a good one.

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Google+ needs more cats. Ur welcome.

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Will this be how people on facebook treat Google+?

Very much like the early days (and not so much early days) of Twitter, Google+ conversations (that I'm seeing) seem to be by enlarge about Google+ and not much else. We need some G+ powerusers (like +Robert Scoble) to rally the troops into BAU mode as soon as possible, to make this thing take off. It won't take off if folks keep on talking about the tool instead of using it to talk about other stuff. #caseinpoint

Here's a question... has the etiquette of adding people to your circles coalesced yet, or is it open season on whomever (even if you don't really know them)?
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