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I want to have an original life
I want to have an original life

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You never know when you will come up with a new piece of art. It can strike you at the most unusual moments.

I had taken a set of photos with a friend, and when I saw this image I realized what had to be done. Inspirations included various Hawaiian movies I've seen over the years, pen poses, and the play of light upon a human body.

Per the models request, their name has been withheld. But sometimes an image can tell its own story and depth.

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As you can tell from my previous post, this website has really affected me with the illustrations for each quote. This one really really has me thinking now. Shuddering, thinking, and shuddering more.

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I know there are many people that say that just because it's a photograph it really can't be a piece of art. Any type of photographer has run into this many times in their lives. Recently there is a new form of photography  that's had many people ask. "Is this photography". This photography is known for images taken from many virtual worlds or games and being used to tell a story.

A prime example of this is the website where images are taken from a game world or virtual world and manipulated to tell a story or idea. Yes you may say that it's not real. There's no actual physical event being told. Some may say it's a sham. Or just artwork. 
What exactly is photography? It the capturing of that moment in time that will never exist again. The subtle play of light, key events that lead up to the perfect shot.
As part of my passions for art every year I take photos for the Relay for Life  of Second Life. If you don't know Second Life is a virtual environment created by many users. You can find anything there. Cyberpunk thrill rides, steam punk, night clubs, recreations of ancient Japan. There is no limit. As part of this, the Relay for Life has a strong prescience here. If you are a cancer patient and want to participate in a relay, but you are too sick to leave home. Then you have a perfect way to interact. Do you need more information about how cancer works, are you a survivor that needs help coping. All of what you can normally find at a physical Relay for Life location can be found here as well. 

I started taking photos for the Relay years ago. Interacting with many survivors, cancer patients, Relay for Life staff itself has been very interesting. There are a thousand stories to tell. Though there may be people that say "This isn't photography, it isn't real", they fail to realize that all the core concepts of physical photography (increasingly digital) fall within this new area and phenomenon. 

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Great friend of mine just shared this. I love the sound. 

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Ok I have not felt this good in months. I got to host my best friends DJ show tonight and I finally let loose. :) got to flirt and hit on people like crazy. And may have made a hook up. :) Ok I am so bad. I love hosting your shows Dani

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If your not aware tonight there is an Asteroid between the earth and the moon. From my perspective it looks like its under the moon near where Jupiter is. If you can get out and see something very rare:

Goddess give me the sanity to get this webpage project for class done in time :)
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