I am trying to turn my 5 acres into a Spiritual Self-Sustainable Eco-Village where others can come to learn about self-sustainable living and enjoy thing like Meditation Spaces down by the Creek, Shade Gardens for family Picnics, more Herb & Vegetable Gardens, some livestock like Goats & sheep, maybe even a cow or two. I started this project all by myself 4 months ago by building 2 new Raised Vegetable Gardens and 2 new Raised Herb Gardens. But I am an Herbologist and I grow herbs to sell my self on my Etsy store (www.theherbalgreenhouse.etsy.com) and on eBay (Search by Seller Name LaMere12, using the Advanced Search Option next to the search box). Any Herbs I can not grow myself because of climate or space, I order from a reputable company and they are only COA Organic. I sell only the highest quality of Herbs, as well as other hand made & handcrafted items using Herbs and other things. All $ that I make from sales goes directly back into the business as well as proceeds going towards helping to build this Eco-Village.

Does anyone know of any Government Grants or Organizations that like to help with Projects like this?

Can anyone give me any advice?

I have plants for building a Greenhouse, Hoophouse, Chicken Coops, etc.

As well as I am about to start my own Worm Garden - studying Vermiculture & Vermicomposting. Not only can I use the Worm Castings and Worm Tea for my own Gardens, but I am hoping to make some money for the Eco-Village by selling the Castings as well as selling worms.

Any feedback or information will be appreciated. I am also looking for people in Georgia who may be willing to help whether it by donating their time, materials, or money.

Email: theherbalgreenhouse2013@yahoo.com
Phone: 678-476-2865
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