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Episode 27 Podcast Pollination with Bugs & Stuff
Howdy there bug lovers and welcome to today's show!  Today we meet up with  Cari and Caitlin  from the awesome podcast Bugs & Stuff! We chat all about science communication, being a grad student, and how entomology and podcasting go together. It is a lot of...

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Arthropods 101: What makes arthropods special?
Hi there bug lovers and welcome to today's show! We're beginning a new venture here on Arthro-Pod that focuses on our namesake phylum, Arthropoda! If you listen to these episodes you will gain a greater understanding of what makes an arthropod an arthropod,...

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Episode 26: Dissecting the World of Pest Control with Carl Braun
Hi there bug lovers! On today's episode we are joined by Carl Braun of Quality Pest Control. On Arthro-Pod we talk about a lot of different kinds of pet insects and have heard from a lot of scientists but today's show looks more at the world pest control fr...

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Episode 25: Understanding Ekbom's Syndrome with Joe Ballenger
Hi there bug people! On today's show we are joined by Joe Ballenger of Ask an Entomologist! Joe helps us to lean more about Ekbom's Syndrome (also known as delusory parasitosis) including the history of this phenomenon, what sufferers go through, and we try...

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Episode 24: Writing for Entomology Today with Richard Levine
That's right bug lovers, it's a double header of entomology podcasts for you!  Yesterday we heard from Dr. Marianne Shockley about eating insects and today we get to hear from Richard Levine of the Entomological Society of America! Richard teaches me about ...

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Episode 23: Chowing down on insects with Dr. Marianne Shockley
Howdy, howdy bug lovers! On today's Halloween spectacular we meet up with Dr. Marianne Shockley of the University of Georgia! This episode is also a road-trip episode as Dr. Shockley and I crossed paths while we were both on campus at the University of Kent...

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Episode 22: A Journey into Forest Entomology with Dr. David Coyle
Howdy, howdy bug lovers! Welcome to our latest episode where we will focus in on forest entomology with Dr. David Coyle! Dr. Coyle covers topics such as invasive species biology, what are some of the worst forest invasive insects around, and native bark bee...

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Episode 21: Biocontrol Basics with Dr. Lauren Diepenbrock
Hey there bug lovers! Today we are covering biological control, a dynamic and interesting topic if there ever was one! Our guest is Dr. Lauren Diepenbrock of North Carolina State University and she helps to lay out the different kinds of biological control ...

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Episode 20: Getting to Know Mosquitoes with Dr. Cameron Webb
Hey there bug lovers! We're back (finally) with a new episode! Tune in as I am joined by Dr. Cameron Webb of the University of Sydney and we chat about mosquitoes. Learn about the natural history of these tiny blood suckers as well as a variety of tips and ...

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Episode 19
Greetings bug lovers and welcome to episode 19 of Arthro-Pod! Today we meet up with Deborah De La Riva of the University of California Riverside  to learn all about ants, pollutants, and entomology outreach in California! Plus: What the heck is a lilac-ash ...
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