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Clinical Hypnotherapist at Mark Powlett Hypnotherapy

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It's Stoptober again. A month where there is lots of help and support for anyone who is ready to quit smoking for good. If you are wondering about hypnotherapy to quit smoking then you can read all about how it works and watch a video of me talking about stop smoking hypnosis right here : #stoptober

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This is a great piece by Oliver Burkeman that hits the nail on the head about how talking to someone challenges you in a way a book simply can't. Find someone to talk to and you may well be surprised about what happens to the problem.

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Here's a little something about how much fun a Silent Disco was at the 80's Rewind Festival a couple of weeks ago. I love how music takes you away...

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Chris Hughes from Love Island has been talking to the press about having Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Despite his outward confidence he stressed and worried...then he sought help...

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Now that Wimbledon is over...I wonder if you have ever thought about how Hypnosis for sports performance can help with success? It's not just in the physical, it's also all in the mind...

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If you missed this then you can still have a go! All I want to do is ask you to count how many pens are on my desk. There are not many and it should be easy...but I think you will probably make it a lot more complicated than it needs to be. Good Luck !

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This popped up and reminded me of the fact that when we filmed this story it was freezing cold at the lake...The story still stands..the weather not so much ! The Magic Bank Account !

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Shhhh, don't wake Coco he's dreaming about chasing a ball in the sunshine. #dog #sunshine #hotdog #sleep #dream

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There's a good page on the bbc newsround site that may help parents who have children who worry after seeing terrible news like what happened in Manchester. Link at the end of this post..
Advice if you're upset by the news
Some stories reported by Newsround can make you feel sad - but you are not the only one and it's OK to have those feelings.
Upsetting events often make the news because they don't happen very often.
This section gives you some tips about what to do if you are feeling sad about what you've seen, heard or read.
Tips if you're worried
You can rely on Newsround to tell you the important facts about a story - but some things you hear might be a bit scary or make you feel worried.
Remember that worrying stories are often in the news because they are rare - they don't happen very often.
adulyou trust could help you to feel better if there is anything in the news that is worrying you
It is incredibly unlikely that what you're reading about or watching might happen near you.
Discuss the stories with your parents or friends. You'll feel better that you're not the only one worried.
You could also talk to your teacher about it - maybe you could have a class discussion which would help you understand the issue better.
If you're having nightmares
If you're having nightmares or trouble sleeping because of something you've heard in the news:
 Tell your mum or dad - help from them will make you feel much better
 Try talking about your nightmare or even drawing it. This will help you to confront your fear
 Surround yourself with things that make you feel secure at night - even if it is your old teddy bear that you keep hidden from your mates!
 Try to balance the news you read. If you read a sad story then try and read a happy one before you go to bed
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