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tinyCam Monitor PRO 7.0 Beta 14 brings floating windows Picture-in-Picture mode for Android TV devices running Android 7.0 Nougat.

Now you can still monitor your camera while watching your favourite TV show.
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Wonderful. Meanwhile I'll be waiting for xposed to come to ATV - skipping ads on Youtube is horrible, and Youtube Red isn't available here. :(
I do hope so, regarding the Shield TV.

But ever since they pushed an update that bricked my 500gb Shield TV, I no longer harbor much hopes in that area. :D
Been testing today. Zero issues. Will be interesting to see what more comes of this like highlight on motion (could inject into video stream) or resizing the PIP (if the system/Android does that)
Wie kan mij helpen de tiny cam met mij 3camera.s wanscam op mijn telefoon te zetten 0652023432 gr jaap 
Is it possible to popup camera stream on Android TV when someone press the doorbell too?
You need to use Tasker app on your Android TV. Not sure if it is compatible with TV. tinyCam has Tasker plugin which allows showing/closing floating window.
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