tinyCam Monitor PRO 6.7.4 Beta 7 released.

Changes comparing to Beta 6:

- Added support for sustained performance mode for live view introduced in Android N. It does not work in background mode. You can switch it off in App Settings - Developer. Works at the moment only on Nexus 6P running Android N Beta 1 or later (Google added support only for 6P now). Let me know if you see any difference.

Some more info from Google regarding sustained performance mode:

"Performance can fluctuate dramatically for long-running apps, because the system throttles system-on-chip engines as device components reach their temperature limits. This fluctuation presents a moving target for app developers creating high-performance, long-running apps.

To address these limitations, Android N includes support for sustained performance mode, enabling OEMs to provide hints about device-performance capabilities for long-running apps. App developers can use these hints to tune apps for a predictable, consistent level of device performance over long periods of time."

UPDATE May 20.

Tested on Android N. Sustained performance mode decreases CPU/GPU usage by 30% approximately on Android 6P. That will lead to longer battery usage but at the same time more frames will be dropped. It will be switched off by default in the next update. Cannot recommend to use sustained performance mode right now.
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