Upcoming tinyCam Monitor PRO 8.0 will bring MP4 video cloud recording. You should be able to write video directly from the app to Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Drive, ownCloud/Nextcloud. You can specify cloud quota in Camera Settings in the app for automatically deleting old files and for making 24/7 video recording.

You can make constant video recording to the cloud or just uploading to the cloud on motion only.

Cloud services can limit uploading bandwidth significantly or just block uploading for some time if you have uploaded a lot of files during some time (especially if you have free cloud account). For instance Dropbox limits bandwidth upload to 200 KiB/s (March 29, 2017) after one day recording for free account. So for constant video recording, use of premium cloud account is highly recommended.

The app does not try to re-upload file if uploading failed (to prevent overloading local storage with temporary files). Non uploaded file will remain on local storage. That will be fixed in the next app updates.

If you have desktop client to sync files from the cloud to your PC, disable 'tinyCam Monitor PRO' folder for syncing. In this case recorded video files will not be downloaded automatically to your PC, but will remain in the cloud.
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