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Excellent Know Your Gov meetup tonight let by our own Chris Cooley. Some key points for those who weren't able to make it:

Chris walked us through his role in the Geospatial Services (GSS) deptarment of WyCo/KCK. He shared some of his practices and a primer of GIS as it relates to other forms of spatial computing.  Some of the things we learned:

* He shares data as much as possible with the autonoumous munis in WyCo

http://wycokck.org/geoportal is the primary repository where he posts open geodata sets. He has some of them represented as JSON with SOAP, REST and other services.

He manually publishes all the data there periodically. Extract, Transform & Load processes written to automate publishing of data could save resources and allow for more frequent updates.

Another area of interest is in considering uses for the land bank data. They would be open to Brigade folks looking at this information despite it not being readily available online.

They get their aerial coverage from a variety of sources.

Through an agreement with MARC, they get ortho-rectified, cleaned outputs every few years. 2014 is scheduled to be an update year. MARC purchases aerials for entire region then charges KCK for usage.

LIDAR data is readily available.

ESRI's Home Use Program
Even though ESRI is known for its large scale enterprise software, for a small amount of money, individuals and small organizations can get access to a huge variety of ESRI tools.
$100 / year
ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced

They also publish 160+ open source components:

Open source GIS systems include:

geoJSON is a good open GIS data format

http://maps.kcmo.org/apps/parcelviewer/ is the KCMO parcel viewer, Chris is thinking about building one for KCK

Chris's team uses edit-a-thons to get through major data updates.

He also demoed Andrew's KCK Sherlock app as an example of what can be done with open geodata and some creativity:

His goals moving forward:

Get the data into the hands of big players - Bing, Google, etc.
Keep adding datasets
Make the data available in more formats
Make the data avaialble as additional services
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