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Finally... The equity crowd-funding concept that I've introduced in 2004 by starting up is now lobbied in Congress finally...
Makes me happy to see that seed planting doesn't go to waste :-)
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In response to this my friend responded via email "Yes, it is always nice to see the fruits of one’s actions blossoming. Entrepreneurs exist in may “categories”, ranging from franchise operators to visionaries. You are truly a visionary! The advantages are often mild, since they require sooooooo many years (as with your virtual incubator and my [...] payments company) to become “mainstream”, and the disadvantages include diffused recognition, since people re-write history, and the fact that monetization of such endeavors usually does not occur." .... Well, despite that, I love to innovate and I will keep doing just that... Whether any of my projects ever history or not is highly irrelevant... :-)
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