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My fave every other Friday read
+Darren DeMatas has collected up the powerhouse posts for what's happening in marketing. Online marketing is taking lead. It's a good time to be in this business.
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Me too +Darren DeMatas. Looks looks like they timed it perfectly.
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GoDaddy and FireFox aren't playing well together
Been seeing reports of this and just tried it myself. Can't see a list of domains when using FireFox. Chrome is not having any issues.
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Start a WordPress Meetup in your town
I'm fortunate to have a very active +WPNashville Meetup where I live. And we're hosting our 3rd WordCamp in May. The WordPress Foundation is VERY supportive. Below is an invitation for help starting your own WordPress Meetup.
 This hangout will go over what's involved in starting a WordPress meetup group via the official chapter account at This is for new organizers who don't already have a meetup group; there will be a separate series of hangouts for people interested in having their existing group join the chapter program.

If more than 10 people RSVP, we'll stream it as an on-air hangout and also take questions from comments and in IRC.

For more information, see
Starting a New WordPress Meetup Group
Tue, April 29, 1:00 PM EDT

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Great idea. Thanks +MaAnna Stephenson 
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When clients go big, really big
Showtime has invited one of my clients to participate in a documentary. It's going to make her member site go BOOM. We were already in the process of a complete revamp to go bigger and better. Good thing, huh? Will send links when we relaunch and keep you posted on what happens when the show airs.
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HostGator and BlueHost down again
Ready to move yet? Here's your Guide.
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I was with them a lot of years +Joyce Grace. They were one of my preferred vendors until EIG bought them. It's been downhill since. So glad I moved to A2.
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The Gold Standard of Service
17-19 years ago I bought a house, a car, and a mower with great ease. Got exactly what I wanted for a fair price. In the past 2 years had major hassle buying all 3 again. Forget that they don't build things like they used to. No one much knows service or sales anymore either. Lots of life lessons here and so delighted that I'm service all the way to the bone. I have ZERO doubt that I'll enjoy continued success in my business. What I offer is not unique. The way I do it is. Very much so. It's called high standards and I'm proud of it.
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Have her in circles
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MaAnna Stephenson

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Almost caught up
Enjoyed 2 solid butt-in-seat days. Almost back on track for all the time lost on a couple of site migrations that went sideways and lots and lots of folks requesting security and site audits. Sundays naturally became my day off. Looking forward to being able to keep that schedule. How's your week been? How's your weekend looking?
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+Darren DeMatas when I had the day job I was working all night and weekends. Had to cram in client work and my own marketing. Now that I have more client work, I'm having to do my own stuff afterward still. It's hard to find time for both.
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MaAnna Stephenson

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I've been creating unique scrollsaw and carvings of trees and these leaf carvings have me jumping to go do one in wood. Gorgeous! The artist is here

h/t to +Carol Dodsley for the share
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That's really creative +MaAnna Stephenson . Thanks for sharing :-)
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MaAnna Stephenson

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Clarification about +Post Ads
Thank you to +Mike Allton for the super easy to understand clarification about what this new feature is, and is not.
+Post Ads Are Here

Google has now released this ad capability to any advertiser with a minimum of 1000 Google+ followers. Advertisers can choose to make a post to their Google+ page an interactive ad within the Google display network.

Additionally, Google is rolling out the option to make a Hangout On Air a +post, as well as the option of having your most recent post automatically be used as a +post ad. Facebook has a similar feature within Facebook Advertising to automatically promote your most recent post, and it's extremely efficient and effective.

The original story below has more detailed information and examples, and will continue to be updated.

What do you think? Will +post ads be effective at not only promoting a business, but also making Google+ a more ingrained and mainstream facet of the Internet? Is a 1000 follower minimum asking too much?

h/t +Eran Arkin via +martin shervington 

#Google   #GooglePlus  #GooglePlusPosts #GooglePlusUpdate 
Brands who are actively using their Google+ Pages will be able to use their status updates to generate display ads which will be displayed across the Google network. Ads are interactive, and can include HOAs.
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+MaAnna Stephenson
 Yes I understand I am actually trying to find someone who can setup all my business pages correctly because I am obviously not doing something right and/or completely. I am just to busy to deal with learning another system. I have to focus on my blog and webmastering, but whats more important is my art work locally and promoting it.
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WordPress 3.9 and why I won't upgrade
WP 3.9 is out and I won't be upgrading my sites until all of the issues with the TinyMCE text editor are worked out. See what I mean in this video tour of all that's new.
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+MaAnna Stephenson Well, I do use at least some of the text-editing tools you point out in TinyMCE Advanced. I tend to use just about everything, at some point. There may, however, be workarounds, especially since I very often just ignore the visual editor and work directly in the HTML text view.
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Have her in circles
4,114 people
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