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MaAnna Stephenson
Owner of Where non-geeks get total site success consultation and training. WordPress, SEO, security, performance, membership sites, and more.
Owner of Where non-geeks get total site success consultation and training. WordPress, SEO, security, performance, membership sites, and more.

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Site Success tips this week include:
• The new BlogAid Pinterst page
• My upcoming chat with Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WP
• Why you need HTTPS even if you’re not selling anything on your site
• Update on site hacks via the REST API
• Google Search Console wording change on site update notifications
• Two of my fave plugins no longer supported or removed from the repository
• Follow up on the BlogVault hack
• How Google determines which version of your site to index
• What cPanel partnering with Comodo means for your site and hosting
• What HSTS is and why you have to have it
• Hosts using PHP7 by default now and what you need to watch out for
• And epic list of 134 free stock photo sites
• How and why you need to verify and authenticate your email address with MailChimp
• An in-depth tutorial to block referral spam in Google Analytics
• Why SEO is essential for your business
• A comparison review of StudioPress Sites and Rainmaker

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It took me a while to understand why I needed HTTPS on sites where I didn't sell anything. See what changed my mind, and will yours too.

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Tips Tuesday – Faster AdWords, Let’s Encrypt Code Update, Turn Off XML-RPC
Tips this week include:
• Celebrating this podcast listed in top ones to catch in 2017
• HTTPS site conversion checklists updated
• New code in .htaccess for Let’s Encrypt SSL Certification validation
• DIY SEO member site updates
• Webmaster bonus material updates
• What’s coming in WordPress 4.7.3
• Why and how to put a privacy policy on your site
• Why to stop doing SEO like it’s 2012
• Major Russian spam bot attack continues
• Proof of why you have to turn XML-RPC fully off
• A little secret about renewing VaultPress without JetPack
• BlogVault’s security breach
• How HTTPS is becoming the norm for web traffic
• How HTTP/2 protocol removes the performance hit of HTTPS
• Google partnering with CloudFlare for faster ads

Tips Tuesday – Faster AdWords, Let’s Encrypt Code Update, Turn Off XML-RPC
Read or listen here

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Heads up

If you would like to see more posts like this, and videos as they are released, please follow my BlogAid page.
WordPress 4.7.2 just released
This is an automatic update. Several security fixes in it too.

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There's still time to register for today's Non-Geek HTTPS Conversion for Site Owners webinar - but just barely! See you at 2pm ET / 11am PT

Registration link here

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Loved seeing this message from one of my Webmaster Training members. Made my day!!

"I have just successfully flipped two sites to HTTPS (on two different hosting platforms) in the past week with minimal problems. Wahoooo! There is absolutely no way on God's Green Earth that I would have been able to do this without you. I am so grateful for all of the work you put in for us in Webmaster Training, and as far as I'm concerned, it paid for itself in the first flip to HTTPS. THANK YOU SO MUCH."

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Something's gotta change - and soon
If 78% of new visitor traffic to my site is coming from Google, why would I change my SEO strategy? Because I have to.

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Watch out for the auto fill of forms in both Chrome and Safari. You could be sharing a lot more info than you planned on!

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WordPress 4.7.1 is rolling out right now.
This will be an automatic update, unless you've turned that function off, and I hope you haven't.

As I reported in Tips Tuesday yesterday, this is a security and bug fix release, and there were lots of bugs! There are 18 more currently being worked on and will be in the next 4.7.2 release.

More here

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You may get an email from your host about this
PHPMailer update and emails from host

The developer of the PHPMailer code has patched it for this vulnerability.

As reported in Tips Tuesday for Jan 10 2016, WordPress will not be creating a patch for it.

So hosts are now applying the patch directly from the developer.

You may get an email from your host reporting that they are taking this action.

See this post for more info on the PHPMailer

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