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Oh wait...I had something for this...
Oh wait...I had something for this...

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A Libertarian's perspective.

"There can be no meaningful dialogue premised upon shared values if both sides only apply those values when it lets them score points. The class of moderately intelligent politically aware people are those most affected by this trend. They have become partisan ideologues...."

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Regarding skepticism of the Mainstream Media:

Since this has been in the mix of discussions today here in the GDF, I felt like posting this from a month ago. For those of us who are highly skeptical of the current Mainstream Media, it does a good job of highlighting our concerns with the way they present information to the public.

Though the title is unfortunately provocative and the specific examples deal with Trump, the point of the video is to explain how the current Media - including FNC - can distort the message.

Skip to the 3:00 mark if you want to get past the Trump press conference, etc...

Note: the source considers himself to be a Classical Liberal...

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This woman's name is Yvette Felarca. She does not speak for everyone on the Left. Obviously given the forum (FNC), this interview was done likely to set a narrative, and we must take that into consideration.

However, I want to point out that she is a public middle school teacher. She has committed acts of violence (recorded), and openly favors action to constrict freedom of speech "by any means necessary".

Per, the Berkeley Unified School District where she teaches is aware of her views and of concerns of her teaching children.

I am posting this because it clearly illustrates something - she is unapologetic, and she appears to be safely employed, teaching middle school children.

In other words, this situation is accepted by the powers that be.

I accept that there are dangerous people on both extremes. My questions are: 'Who is justifying her behavior by protecting her?' and 'How can such behavior be justified given her position?'

The answers - whatever they are - will shed much light on those who give them. :)

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LOL just ran across this for some reason... :)

Skip Bayless has turned into an unfortunate joke.....

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Regarding the NCAA's "Death Penalty":

Because so many people see the words 'death penalty' as a possible action the NCAA can take against a college, it is shocking how few people who actually call for it actually realize what it is. Often these people are wrapped up in their own moral crusades so thoroughly that they don't bother understanding what they're advocating or who it would affect.

The "Death Penalty" is actually referred to as the "Repeat Violator" rule. Per the NCAA:

"The repeat-violator legislation (“death penalty”) is applicable to an institution if, within a five-year period, the following conditions exist:"

"> Following the announcement of a major case, a major violation occurs and
> The second violation occurred within five years of the starting date of the penalty assessed in the first case. The second major case does not have to be in the same sport as the previous case to affect the second sport."

In other words, the "death penalty" isn't something the NCAA can or should just throw at any school that anyone might feel deserves it, no matter how outraged - justifiably or otherwise - that they might be.

It is only for repeat violations of NCAA rules. Nothing more.

Also of note: Universities are not people. People can break laws. Groups can't, and universities can't. When individuals who committed X, or conspired to cover up X, it is up to the justice system to hold them accountable - not the NCAA.

The NCAA handles rules infractions. The Law handles crimes.

Adding NCAA into the equation once justice has been served hurts no one guilty of crimes - again, universities are not people, no matter how much some might "need someone to pay" to satisfy their own sense of outrage.

Once the guilty parties are gone from the university, everyone - the students, faculty, remaining coaches, remaining players, etc - is innocent - unless further charges come to light later, at which time they must be dealt with according to due process.

Given today's Outrage Culture, I felt it important to make this distinction. Protect the innocent, punish the guilty, and know the system.

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"Just two good ole boys,
Never meaning no harm.
Beats all you never saw, been in trouble with the law
Since the day they was born."

Thanks, +Pradheep Shanker 

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Thanks, +Ambra Vanderpool :)

RIP Mitch

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China is becoming more and more clever every passing day.....

Thanks, +D J Austin...
Wow, what a surprising novel idea

stolen from +Tim Jones :-))

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I have absolutely zero interest in the College Football Retirement League - all except for the Super Bowl, which I usually enjoy.

NFL games are stale. They get paid. There's no real drama like there is in College. It's business.

But the Super Bowl is different. These guys want to win. Flickering of emotion begins to stir. They reach farther. They play harder. It matters to them - the flickering of that amateur desire to win can actually be seen.

ATL has two former Clemson Tigers and a former Miami Hurricane.
NE has one former Tennessee Volunteer.

3 > 1.

Go Falcons. 
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