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Alison Cee
A simple laidback young lady trying to find the beauty in life, while sharing it with others.
A simple laidback young lady trying to find the beauty in life, while sharing it with others.

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VIDEO: Cowl Neck Hi-Lo Poncho Progress
In a previous post , I shared that I was attempting to make a hi-lo poncho, or what is also known as a cowl-neck poncho. This was based on a poncho made by Mariana Vail that I saw on her Etsy shop, but couldn't find a pattern for any thing similar. (See Mar...

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Shoutouts & Love: My Crochet Faves of the Moment
Since I've become re-obsessed with crocheting, I've also become obsessed with pinning pics of my favorite crochet inspirations (under my Pinterest alias, AquaButterflyy  . So, I've decided to share a few of them here on my blog. Roses Jumper by Simone Franc...

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My Latest Obsession: Cowl Neck Hi-Lo Ponchos
So, I've been seeing a few pictures across the net of what I call the Cowl Neck Hi-Lo Poncho. Here are a few pics: by Mariana Vail  on Etsy Also by Mariana Vail on Etsy Featured in Crochet Addict Facebook group, by "Miss Ann" Naturally, I want to make one f...

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Guess Who's Back? And With a Granny Square Shrug!
So, it's been a long time since I last posted anything about crocheting, but also a long time since I last crocheted anything. I've been SUPER busy: I got promoted at my job twice, I've joined a new church that I am actually quite active in (I usually try t...

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Freestyled Project + Free Pattern: Lacy Fingerless Gloves
At my job, it was recently announced that there will be a Lady's Tea and I have decided to go. The only problem is, this is a bit formal and they are encouraging us to wear a hat and gloves. I didn't want to go out and buy anything new, so I decided to free...

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Completed Project: Crochet Puff Stitch Hat w/Matching Puff Stitch Scarf
Years ago, when my sister Connie got into crocheting, she found a pattern for a "Puffy Slouchy Hat" on a blog called Crafty Pants by Jessica Suzanne. Since then, the blog has unfortunately disappeared, but the hat's popularity remains high on the internet,w...

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#FreestyleCrochetProject: Granny Square Shrug
While scouring the web for free patterns, I realized that a lot of sites use the same basis for creating a shrug: Crochet a rectangle or square Fold it in half Sew the left and right sides from the bottom, up to about halfway, allowing the unsewn parts to a...

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Learned a New Technique: Corner to Corner Stitch ( for #afghans #shawls and more)
Recently, I joined a Facebook group for crocheters called CROCHET ADDICT . It's a pretty large group, with almost 65,000 members as of today. I really enjoy being in the group because I get so many ideas and inspirations for future projects, with all of the...

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#CrochetProjectOnHold: Trippy Tunic by the Double Stitch Twins
Awhile ago, I shared that I had started on the  Trippy Tunic by the Double Stitch Twins , and also stated that i would share the updated pictures once the project was completed. Well alas, that completion date is now off in the undetermined future. I don't ...

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#StashBusterProject: Hat, Scarf and Earrings Set
Here's another stashbuster project (project inspired by a need to use up the yarn in current stash or collection). I freestyled a hat, scarf and some flowers that I will turn into earrings. I wish I had written down what I was doing as I went, because I rea...
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