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Time to Do Something (for Christians)
A lot of Christians see our country in serious need, and they
don’t see the answer in politics or Presidents. 
They believe God has to do something, and they are praying for a
miracle. But when you look at the history of revivals or miracles, they
are alway...

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stopping gun violence
A recent Sun-Times reader again called for the government to
get rid of guns as the way to solve the high rate of gun violence in
Chicago.  We are forgetting history when
we do this.  First of all, James Madison noted in the Federalist Papers
that we were a...

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Senate confirmation hearings and Democrats
A recent Sun-Times reader lamented that the Republicans
seemed to be rushing on Donald Trump’s cabinet appointees, scheduling hearings
for several nominees at every day and seemingly not waiting long enough for
thorough background checks.  I had just read a...

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fixing gerrymandering: a response to an editorial
The editorial in today’s Sun-Times reminded me of something
I heard once about Democrats: they only believe in and talk about
bipartisanship when they are the minority party. The editorial was about gerrymandering, one of the greatest
evils in our country t...

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Is diversity really a strength? a response to a friend about diversity
Hi Emma I hope you guys have a great Christmas.  Christmas is special for kids.  Yes, I guess a lot of that has to do with
getting presents.  When I was a kid,
Christmas permeated everything, so that the entire country felt Christmas-y for
a good month and ...

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solving the financial crisis in Illinois: a letter in response to a newspaper opinion column
Thank you for giving us some background on the fiscal crisis
in Illinois.   I would like to add one
little detail that will explain a lot about what is happening. Democrats have two long range goals here that residents need
to be aware of. Democrats want th...

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Another Look at the Parable of the Sower
They call this the parable of the sower, but it isn’t really
about the sower.   It isn’t even about the
seed that he sows.   It’s about the kinds
of soil that the seed is sown upon; or, as Jesus explains, it’s actually about
the people who hear about God an...

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Sex, Marriage, and Living Together
There are two basic ways to approach life as in how to live
it:   On the one hand, Christians believe
that God created the world and everything in it, and then He gave to humans the
instruction manual on how it works.   The
other view believes that there is...

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response to a friend to questions and concerns about Trump and immigration
Hi Emily (fake name) Good to hear from
you.  I miss the days when we talked more
often.  I enjoy seeing the pictures and
updates of your family.   The alt-right is a
term used for a lot of different people. 
I tried to find some specifics on what defined th...

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Which is more dangerous: Muslims or gun owners? response to a news article
Neil Steinberg asks the question of which group is more
dangerous: Muslims or gun owners.  Using
statistics isn’t helpful here, because we are spending billions of dollars
keeping track of thousands and thousands of people hoping to stop them before
they do...
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