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Baby's First Visit Basket
My little nephew will be a year old in July, but like most of the McCracken children, he's already been to Disney World. I love Disney and I was really excited to experience my nephew's first trip so I made him a little first trip basket. It includes a Mick...

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Taking Care of your Make-Up Brushes
Hello there! So one of my favorite things in the world is make-up. I love it so so much and I have learned a lot about it in the last few years. One thing I have learned is to take care of your make-up tools. Your brushes are very important and after a whil...

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School is Important
So this year I have found it very hard to get motivated. It's odd, because I can stay pretty good on grades even when I am not motivated because, though I don't study as hard, I still know that school is IMPORTANT! Something we kids take for granted in the ...

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Downsizing your Packing
I love traveling and with Spring Break coming up, I though it only necessary to try and find solutions for something I know I struggle with when it comes to packing. I tend to over pack. I like to be prepared and then I end up not wearing half of  the items...

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Meditating is something that can really help those that really need to stop a breath a second. It makes those moments when you do have trouble breathing a lot easier when you set aside a time to just breath and think about all the good things you have in yo...

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Recognize that you are Beautiful
It's hard for me to see the beauty in myself and I know that this is a common thing for girls in general. We are our worst critic and for me it's not a false modesty. I don't say these things to have people correct me, I just truly believe it. But to avoid ...

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La La Land: Review
Last weekend I had the privilege of seeing "La La Land" with a few of my friends. This is my review of the critically acclaimed film. First this story is the age old, try-to-make-it-in-Hollywood story, however it is done in a modernly classic way. "La La La...

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Post Workout Yoga
Stretching after a workout is one of the best things you can do for your body. It helps your body recuperate and cool down in a gentle and relaxing way. I like to turn it into a kind of a Post-Workout-Yoga. I don't know yoga as well as I would like to, but ...

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Top 10 Make-up Products
I love make-up. It is so fun for me. I love going to beauty stores and just walking around, Even if I can't afford to buy anything. Here my go to products that are affordable and effective. FOUNDATION: Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous CONCEALER: American Beauty...

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Budget Your Life
If you're like me, you love to shop. But we all know that shopping means spending money and sometimes that leads to having no money left. This school year I have started a part time job and money has become more of a topic on my brain. I definitely need to ...
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