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Albert Lam
An Asian doing things Asians do, along with things Asians don't.
An Asian doing things Asians do, along with things Asians don't.

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Scenes at the Treehouse
If you've frequented this blog, you'll know that photographing from atop Tarzan's Treehouse is a longtime favorite habit of mine.  You can find plenty of photos overlooking the Rivers of America and New Orleans Square and beyond if you dig around.  But phot...

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Radiator Reflections
There are few places as insanely naturally photogenic after the rain (or during) as Radiator Springs.  All the neon reflecting off the ground provides a saturated glow of wonderful color, and the splendor of the setting really brings a sense of nostalgic ro...

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Waiting for Neverland
The queue for Peter Pan's flight is going to be a bit of a wait at any Magic Kingdom park--so great is the popularity of every version of this ride.  It's no different at Shanghai Disneyland, where this classic-inspired attraction frequently commands lines ...

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Dumbo the Flying Elephant
At Shanghai Disneyland, the Gardens of Imagination has the distinction of being the first Disney Magic Kingdom park hub to actually have attractions.  Whereas in the other Magic Kingdom parks, The Hub is simply where the lands meet at the spoke of a wheel, ...

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Tomorrowland Illuminations
The lighting designers overseeing Shanghai Disneyland's Tomorrowland must have a field day programming the light patterns and illumination settings throughout this land.  At night, Tomorrowland pulsates and dazzles with moving and rippling color and lights ...

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Airplane Shoreline Relations
When one crosses the bridge from Port Discover over to the Lost River Delta at Tokyo Disney Sea, one may notice a prop plan nestled up against the rocks over to the left side.  It might look like any other old fashioned plan at first glance, but upon a seco...

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Storm Clouds Over the Mansion
It's been awfully rainy in Southern California lately.  After years of drought that was incompletely alleviated by last year's El Niño, this year has seen an abnormal but welcome (and at this point, potentially overwelcome) onslaught of storms that has soak...

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure
Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure is the biggest, most technologically impressive, most spectacular attraction Disney has ever built.  Anchoring the Treasure Cove themed land at Shanghai Disneyland, it is the new flagship dark ride E-...

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Spires Galore
It would make for a bit of a challenging game to count how many rooftop spires are in this photo, because there are quite a lot.  From the whimsical exterior of Sleeping Beauty's Castle to the Fantasyland building facades near and far to the Disneyland Pari...

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The Great Roaring Mountain
For feature I never got to really see up close (because Roaring Rapids was closed), I sure took a lot of photos of Roaring Mountain during my time at Shanghai Disneyland.  Then again, how could you not?  It's massive presence creates an epic outline standin...
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