I rode the low key hill climb week 5 on Saturday - my second one. This was Palomares Road in Fremont, which required riding 20 odd miles or so to get out there, so for once I was warmed up. This was also the flattest one - and since I'm not the world's greatest climber I thought I could do better this time.

We got together at the start, and +Brandon Iles, +Jeff Shute and I were in the same group. We all pretty much usually finish together, and we started off in a small group with Philip Clark, who was being an honorary Googler for the day. We stuck together, each taking the lead when the person on the front got tired. Jeff fell off at about the 3 mile mark, and Philip just couldn't hang on at about the at end. I tried sprinting past Brandon for the finish but I didn't have anything left in my legs, and we crossed the line pretty much together with Brandon slightly in front of me (must look for finish line before I sit up!). We both got given the same time of 20:51.

Points-wise, this translates to 99.45, which means we missed 100 points (from getting the median time!) AGAIN!!!

I may have a shot at most consistent rider if I keep this up though (need 3 minimum) - I've scored 99.66 and 99.45 so far. And on the "most improved from last year" I'd currently be 9th (my median score in '10 was 93.44, in '09 was 80.89)

Strava track at http://app.strava.com/rides/2144954
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