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Ever since the g+ UI update I get pretty much nothing in my g+ stream. 

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Xbox one voice recognition needs work. Lots of work. 

Ps4 into safe mode, power cycled twice to make it come on. So far xbox one is winning the "it just works" competition. 

I can't figure out a voice command for android to make it play "what does the fox say?". Any ideas?

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Merry Christmas. Etc.

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Archer does Top Gun Danger Zone cover video
Confession time: I'm not entirely sure I've ever actually seen Top Gun.

But hey, lookie here, it's on Netflix streaming!

#Archer   #TopGun   #DangerZone  

My 7th half marathon (and 2nd in 2 weeks!) in 1:47:07. I just like the medals and t-shirts really.

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Facebook upgrade

There are a lot of angry people at San Ardo road race this weekend. "This race sucked, end of season" "If you're the guy who caused the crash on Lap 3 by hitting the brakes, and coming off your line, Fuck you, and i'll send you the bill of a frame, rear derailleur, shifters, tubular tire, & 2 spokes." "San Ardo Road Race - E4 - 8th - Lots of BS at the finish cost me a possible podium"

Chill people. This is cat 4 amateur road racing [cat 4 just means you've done 10 races] People crash. Not everyone is going to ride predictably. 

You should work on protecting your front wheel, watching people and reacting to them, riding with soft elbows, those kind of things they teach you at beginners camps. 
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