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Your business deserves an ADVANTAGE!
Your business deserves an ADVANTAGE!


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The Business Side of Freelancing

Freelancing is attractive to many individuals for the following reasons: be your own boss, set your own work schedule, and take on only the projects you’re interested in. Free agents are passionate about what they do, which is great, but many make the mistake of overlooking the business side of their line of work. Neglecting the business side of freelancing ensures failure. Understanding and effectively managing the business side of your work will result in the success and growth of your business.
As a freelance worker, you have several important decisions to make as well as a number of tasks to complete before you can begin your business:
 ■Creating a Business Plan: The key to being successful in anything is in the preparation.
 Creating a business plan establishes your business objectives and identifies the marketing strategies you will utilize. It also helps you to identify competitors and establish a development plan, an operations plan, and the financial components of your business.
 ■Selecting a Location for Work: Many freelancers elect to work from home, as it is an already paid for and furnished space with ample room. When meeting with clients, however, operating from home comes across as unprofessional, which is why many freelancers rent office space in Phoenix or virtually.
 ■Understanding Financial Information: Failing to keep detailed records of bills and payments will lead to nothing but a huge headache and ultimately business failure. The costs of procuring raw goods, assembling, shipping, rental of office space, and more will quickly accumulate and must be managed.
Always convey professionalism and acquire patients by letting your true talent speak for itself through superior work. Rent a Phoenix or Scottsdale virtual office from Advantage Office Suites and let our professional receptionists answer and forward your calls while you run your business from home. Use our business address to receive your mail, and our state-of-the-art conference rooms to meet your clients, or rent a Scottsdale or Phoenix office full time and network with your neighboring businesses. For more information on a virtual office, Executive Suite, or FlexSuite from Advantage Office Suites, contact us online or by phone at (866) 724-8308.
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