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Just trying to fit in this world
Just trying to fit in this world

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It's the start of my favorite season. Hopefully soon I'll visit some apple orchards and take some leaf-peeping drives.

These have been the most hectic two weeks I've had in a while. Hopefully this weekend will bring some much needed respite.

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Pocket Monster, a rye session ale. Brewed in honor of a Pokémon Go party.

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Added photos to ICC: R. MADRID v CHELSEA.

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The weekend of July 8-9, I went to St. Louis for an interesting little roadmeet.
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Our fixture list for next season has been released. I'm definitely looking forward to the 22 Oct weekend.

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This was most often where we would go after my Grandma Ketchum flew from Florida into the Kalamazoo airport since it was so conveniently located. Of course now I'm at that site almost every Wednesday night as Brewster's hosts Team Trivia. (Brewster's made some modifications to the building after it relocated from its previous spot just north of I-94 on Portage, but the general Bill Knapp's footprint is still there.)
#TBT – Who remembers the old Bill Knapp’s restaurants?

Bill Knapp's was an American family restaurant chain which, at its peak, had more than 60 locations in Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Illinois and Indiana.
Clinton B. "Bill" Knapp founded the chain in 1948 on Capital Avenue in Battle Creek, MI, after deciding that he could provide simple, quality food to the public with friendly service and good prices. Three commissaries delivered fresh food made “from scratch” to each restaurant in order to maintain the quality and consistency of the food.

Between 1948 and 2002, Bill Knapp’s was an institution. Many locations were right off major highway exits and were convenient meeting places for families and friends throughout the Midwest. It was common to see several generations eating together at long tables pushed together.

The menu featured customer favorites such as fried chicken, ham croquettes, chicken fricassee and biscuits, steakburgers, fish-in-a-basket, Michigan bean soup, onion rings, and delicious potatoes au gratin served in individual crockery bowls. There was also a children’s menu with meals named for animals, such as the “Giraffe” and the “Zebra.”.

Among the most popular traditions at Bill Knapp’s were the “celebration cakes,” 6-inch round white or chocolate cakes that were presented free on birthdays. Another was that any customer who visited on his or her birthday received a discount equal to his or her age, making it a favorite place for seniors.

Another treat was the takeout bakery section near the checkout counter where customers could take home some of their favorite desserts.

Cost-cutting measures in the late 1990s would eventually result in abandoning the commissary model in favor of buying the food locally for each restaurant and substituting packaged soups, macaroni and cheese and other prepared items for the home-made versions.

Unable to keep up with changing tastes and continue its made-from-scratch recipes proved fatal for Bill Knapp’s, and it closed its last restaurant in 2002.
Do you miss Bill Knapp’s? Which restaurants you would love to see make a comeback?

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By Wystan
[CC BY 2.0 ( via Flickr]

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This is Formerly the Beaver. It's a wonderful Cascadian.

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I really enjoyed stopping at Cops & Doughnuts on my way back from the UP last year, and it's nice to see they're branching out in such an intelligent, careful way.

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Four-generation photos are always cool regardless of who are in them. How awesome would it have been if the Queen Mum had lived long enough for the birth of George?
Prince George Stars In Secret Photos For Stamp To Celebrate Queen's 90th Birthday

Despite official nervousness that he wouldn't behave properly, Prince George more than fulfilled his official duties when he posed for a commemorative stamp with his father, grandfather and great-grandmother:
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