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Check out this video on YouTube:
Today kinda sucked. Energy sapped. What I did to get lit back on fire! (Or at least not feel like hiding under the covers)

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I Quit Chasing The Dream

As long as we're chasing the dream we can never walk in it, live in it or realize it

If the true dream of our heart is something to be attained by physical measures it is futile

If there is a place and time in the future by which we could grab hold of it then we can never be at rest, peace or happy until it is achieved

But if we could achieve it and grab hold of it in that someday future place and time then it is likely material-based and will not satisfy the real part of us, the spirit part of us

That's a catch 22 of sorts

How do we remedy that?

We walk in the "dream" now

Whatever that is for us, the real part of us, the deep, quiet, inner part

We live in it every day to the best of our abilities

We live it out in our actions towards others and our self

If the dream is to ever truly satisfy us on a real level, a spiritual level, it cannot be physical but metaphysical

It must be other-human based… other spiritual being-based

Much deeper than anything we could attain that could be damaged or destroyed

That's where I have personally found where "happiness" is

Or better, that's where soul-contentedness is

That's where sleep is. True rest. Calm

As long as we're chasing we're always running... Always gasping... Always straining... Never victorious

That’s why I have quit chasing the dream

I will no longer call the process of pursuing my potential and goals and aspirations "chasing the dream"

I will have different terms and clichés for it but this I know, I will walk in that life that gives my soul peace regardless of what the road looks like because that’s what it was created for

As for me, all my goals and dreams are centered on giving back to God what He has given me and that's life.

The way I do that is by giving YOU my best and THAT has nothing to do with me.


The Instigation Nation website is LIVE.

Thanks for all your support

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