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Jungle River Road: Crossing the Río de Pasión in Sayaxché, Guatemala
As we approach a total of 5000 miles of driving, most of which are coming from our ventures through México, Guatemala, and Belize, we have mastered the art of navigating around bumps in the road…literally. Since crossing the border on the first of June, we ...

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Slowing down social inequality: the role of speed bumps in Chiapas
A stray dog sleeps on a speed bump, or  tope. In the United States, a speed bump
is a nuisance, which has the soul purpose of forcing cars to decelerate at
locations that seem reasonably justifiable to do so. However in Mexico, speed
bumps, known as topes ,...

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Vacuuming the pool: The Bomba Method
ability to improvise and dramatically change plans on the fly is paramount when
performing any type of excavation. This is especially true when a method not
considered to be part of the dogma of archaeology is necessary for excavation. When
X-ray diffra...

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Dipping our toes into the pool of ethnography in Chamula
After a season of intense excavation
and consolidation of the main pool in Palenque’s Picota Group in 2014,
investigations have since widened to include ethnographic research in the
modern Maya village of Chamula in Mexico’s southern most state of Chiapas. ...

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Pennsylvania to Palenque: 3400 miles and counting
Stepping into the unknown enables
you to learn about yourself as well as the environment and people around you. As
anthropologists, we constantly seek to take that step out of our comfort zones
to attempt to explain why people do the things they do, how cer...

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Sunday Drive to Bonampak & Yaxchilan
After a relaxing Saturday free of any
plans, the team decided to take a day trip to two nearby Maya sites:
Bonampak and Yaxchilan. An advantage of being in the heartland of
Maya territory is the accessibility of many magnificent ruins in the
area. Sometimes...
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