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Gregory Desrosiers
1B Software Engineering student at University of Waterloo
1B Software Engineering student at University of Waterloo

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Please take the time to fill out this survey on a Splatoon event I want to organize at the University of Waterloo! #splatoon   #nintendo   #wiiu   #universityofwaterloo   #uwaterloo   #videogames   #shooter  

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My UWaterloo Demonstration to accept Autism
Note: This is an assignment expected for posting here by the professor of ENGL 210E at University of Waterloo for the Fall 2015 Term.             In university education, one of the things
we understand and follow primarily is what to accept and respect wit...

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Here are my personal goals through both volunteering and co-op as of this day. It'll change after a long time, because my focus shall change and some of those things I've mentioned here will either be accomplished, not accomplished, or changed.

#volunteering   #cooperativeeducation   #universityofwaterloo   #uwaterloo  

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Personal Goals through Volunteering and Co-op
Hello there! In my earlier blog on
volunteering where I discuss about my experience and why I want to volunteer, I
think I have put in too much detail in explaining those goals I've listed. After noticing two of my
classmates yesterday at Williams Fresh Caf...

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Hi there! I happen to be an individual diagnosed with autism, but I can't let it define what I am nor could I consider it part of me. I want to share this YouTube video with you because as much as I would want to deliver a conference at UWaterloo about autism with a couple of guests, I'm doing this to earn a profitable job when I do my next co-op in January 2016.

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Gregory Desrosiers commented on a post on Blogger.
Bad news; the hackathon I was talking about, Hack the North 2015. Unfortunately, it looks like I won't be volunteering because in the time I had to take to putting together this blog and a YouTube vlog, I was not able to realize it nor get an e-mail on joining a team for the event.

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Please check out my vlog on my volunteering experience and why I want to keep on volunteering! #universityofwaterloo   #uwaterloo   #volunteering   #personalgoals  

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My Mission to Volunteer for Reaching My Dreams
Hello, my fellow reader. Following along what I briefly discussed
in my video on YouTube (which if you haven’t, I encourage you to go watch it,
but you don’t have to because all the details from there are highlighted here
too. Just click here: https://www.y...
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