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Donald White
I live in the present, learn from the past, and dream of the future.
I live in the present, learn from the past, and dream of the future.

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Closing the distance
It is important to be patient but it is never easy. The desire to do is strong, and the interest in waiting is weak. We must persevere for our wishes to come true. Little of value can be accomplished overnight. It takes time and determination to see results...

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Eyes to see
When you have an opportunity, run with it. The outcome could be just a slight improvement in your situation. Or it might be the means to turn things around. Seeds are small and seem insignificant. Yet, from a mere acorn comes the mighty oak. It just takes e...

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Making things right
The best way to learn is by making mistakes. Then, you realize what is wrong and make it right. Those who do not err are not doing anything worthwhile. People like to point out the failings of others. Perhaps this gives them a sense of superiority. Or maybe...

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Mere confidence
Confidence comes from the inside and manifests itself in everything you do. Without it, morale is low. With it, even the impossible can be within reach. When it is real, it needs no validation. Those who are confident do not feel the need to put others down...

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Changing tactics
If what you are doing is not working, do something else. Nothing good comes from persisting with failed notions. Adaptation is key to survival. When you cease to make progress, adjust your tactics. There are many ways to get from one point to another. Do wh...

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Dangerous habits
Do not try to take care of anyone if you cannot take care of yourself. All attempts will be met with dismal failure. And others will suffer, as a result. Adults must be responsible for what they do. Those who cannot be held accountable cannot be trusted. Fo...

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Gaining an edge
When it comes to success, you do what is required. Nothing worthwhile has ever been easy. Some are just willing to work that much harder than others. Those who gave up will be your worst critics. Since they could not do it, you should not even bother. Your ...

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Wishing well
It is easy to confuse what you want for what you need. There are many things we can live without. It does not mean we should deprive ourselves of them. Desire becomes a problem when it consumes you. If it turns to lust, then it must be abandoned. Otherwise,...

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Difficult decisions
Life is full of difficult decisions. Sometimes there is no good answer to a given problem. When this happens, you must make a choice and stand by it. Never rush blindly into anything. Learn as much as you can before deciding on a course of action. Failing t...

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Gift of the heart
Love starts with attraction. Relationships without chemistry tend to be of short duration. There must be something which brings two people together. Feelings are merely a starting point. Easily they come, and just as readily they depart. For there to be lov...
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