Exciting News: New +My Hangouts features just released!

1. Circle watch list, never miss a hangout with people in your circles!
2. Hangouts around the world, different map view to find hangouts
3. More hangouts, a new way and safe way to discover hangouts
4. Important hangouts appear first, appears in order by who's important to YOU!
5. No external servers, it is using Google services only

Download now from the gallery: http://goo.gl/RMlij
Force the update if you have it already: http://goo.gl/XGoyr

This work wouldn't have been possible without +John Barrington Craggs, we worked really tirelessly for exactly three full weeks, every single day. A total of 165 commits (changes, bug fixes, feature requests) went through this release. http://goo.gl/tGMFh We are working with +Rayan Bouajram and +James Williams to implement some very cool features coming soon to version 5.0! Thanks to +Martin Matysiak that helped with some Google Maps and Canvas features. Thanks to +Kim Beasley for helping us test this product for many weeks!

I have attached some screenshots of how version 4 of +My Hangouts looks like, and we hope everyone enjoys the hard work we put into this!

Please show your support, and share to your friends who would love to use Hangouts, this will definitely change the way you experience hangouts!

Thanks to +Bobbi Jo Woods +Hermine Ngnomire +George Rodenbaugh +Dave Veffer +Cam Meadows for helping with the content and beta testing!
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