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#RIP I wish Google never gave up, but let’s follow each other on Twitter
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It has been 7 years since we (the community) released My Hangouts! At that time, Google+ didn't have an API, Hangouts didn't have an API, there was no way for us to discover when our circles are in a hangout. But we did it all!

We need it more today to bring the world together! We still miss those Hangout days. Here are some of the memories we shared while Hangouts was popular.

I was looking at my previous open source projects on GitHub and realized it was 7 years ago :)

How is everyone doing?
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Throwback, 6 years ago. I missed doing stuff like this!
Introducing Accessible Hangouts for Google+
My new Chrome Extension!

Today I was in a hangout, where I met a blind war veteran. It was really inspiring to see him use such technology. But it was really hard for him to use it since it wasn't accessible friendly. I was writing on the chat on the left, and it was really difficult for him to read the text. I am really into Accessibility, and I worked on it a lot in Chromium in the past, and I really wanted to help him.

So I told Tim, "what if the chat spoke to you?" Tim said, "that would be awesome". When I saw the big smile on his face, I had to do it! So I created this extension for Chrome!

Help me spread the word to those who are blind, and please help me test it, I really want to eliminate the bugs and implement more features to make it easier for them to use this great service!

Download it from the gallery:
As usual, Source Code in GitHub: (fork and contribute!)

This extension uses text to speech technology and reads everything that appears in the chat box to the user. This will add a whole new experience for the Blind to use hangouts, and hopefully Google+ can integrate that natively!

I have added this demo on how the extension works. Thanks to +Cam Meadows for helping me demo this :)

Thanks to +M Monica and +Robert Anderson for introducing me to +Ken Smith and +Tim Hornik. I hope Google integrates this into Hangouts, so that the blind could enjoy hangouts as much as we do :)
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JEB3 is a must for reverse engineering! The class reconstruction is amazing!
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This is still valid today! Coworkers excuse for playing Pokémon GO :-)
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Time to use Google+ again! Facebook needs competition...
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You know, I miss Google+, especially Hangouts! Wish I can work on that product Full Time to show how it should of been ... Do you miss Google+ Hangouts?
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Updated the "AdBlocker for Facebook" extension. AFAIK, no extension out there can block it other than this :)

Open Sourced:

Enjoy :)
I just published “Introducing fBlock, AdBlocker for the new Facebook”

So this morning over at Techmeme, Facebook said this: Facebook Will Force Advertising on Ad-Blocking Users. So I created a Chrome Extension to defeat that. Open Source as usual

I am looking for Moderators for this group! Lots of spam lately, and it is quite annoying :)

Qualifications: Must be a developer, and knows Chrome Extension development

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Hey friends! Introducing DealWatcher for iOS

Our team has been hard at work using the many Bing technologies to find the best deals from all over the web and roll them up together in an amazing app experience.

If you would like to check it out, you can sign up for the beta and we're excited to get some real feedback from people like you:

An example of a cool deal I found in the app was a $175 Dyson Vacuum which originally costs $399 (in Costco), it came through a push notification.

I was fortunate to help building the internal prototype with Mk 'Lemon' Li and Karthikeyan and after proving internally many Bing engineers formed a little team to take over and build a real backend and a beautiful UI (Other platforms coming really soon). Check out our post in the Microsoft Garage site:

Thanks and we hope you'll join us!!
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