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The Block (On Writing)
The way forward's been dark for some time. Many years ago, back when I had faith in things unseen, I had a dream in three parts. (I thought then it was a dream about wandering in the desert, judged aberrant, unworthy, and that God would find me after years ...

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One bite-size story -- just 50 words. One day I'll write lots of these & make something pretty. 

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Gracie, kitten and old lady cat, photo taken 6 days before her death
Gracie died today of complete and acute kidney failure. Eric went with me to euthanize her. I cherish that kindness. She drank pond water, the last thing she wanted, she craved it, stumbled for it around midnight in a blind rush, head first, on wobbly, fail...

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On Sabbatical
You also deserve to say "Enough." ~Lora Photo credit: Eric Ruljancich

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A Walk at Night, In the Galiuros (excerpt:

Fewer words now. Fewer dreams, too. The fears encroach as shadows and questions, unknowns to blunder into like chasms that open between cliff faces, difficult to see -- and difficult to fall into unless one is going blindly down canyon. Or into the night.

At night there is clarity of mind. I begin to breathe and feel the long day. Many long days exhale, exhume themselves and take shape as I hike up the road. They are crisp and sad-looking, like old garments hung on clothes hangers. They do not fit anymore.... Read more.

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Feet and Legs or... How One Anti-Social Bastard Found Real Life
As I'm sitting here trying to sort a spiritual experience into shelved little paragraphs for consumption, all I can think about are my feet and legs. My thighs wail when I bend down. I can feel the blisters on my feet compress and spread as I take a step. T...

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Everyone! Will you help me support my local #outdoors nonprofit?
--> Vote online here:
CASA -- the #Climbing Association of Southern Arizona -- could win $2,000 to fund volunteer & stewardship events like our Mt. Lemmon Adopt a Crag at Windy Point!

In Tucson? Vote each day at Summit Hut stores. Polls close March 15.  #‎VotefortheGoat‬

Winners will be announced at the Banff Mountain Film Festival on Wednesday, March 18th at the Fox Tucson Theatre. CASA will be there regardless, but we hope you vote for us!

More on CASA:
We do clean-up, erosion control, graffiti removal, gear replacement, access, education and more!

More on Summit Hut: 
As a company that encourages safe and responsible exploration of the outdoors, Summit Hut feels a deep connection to local organizations that help preserve, educate about and enhance our community’s experience in our environment and wild places. Each year Summit Hut hosts the Banff Mountain Film Festival, a collection of inspirational mountain culture films with an environmental message, with a portion of the proceeds donated back to the community in the form of Banff Grants. Summit Hut is proud to present this year's five finalists who will receive a total of nearly $5,000 to help further their organizations impact in out outdoor community. They are: Arizona Land and Water Trust, Climbing Association of Southern Arizona, Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists, TORCA-Tucson Offroad Cyclists & Activists & Western National Parks Association.

More on the Banff Film Festival:

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Looking for Shelter - Backstory 
by Lisa Levine

He entered my life Godlike on another summer night in Tucson. His smile lit me up like an electric eel. An electric eel God. Unloosed, rootless, he worked as a strip-club cook. I admired his freedom from the fishbowl windows of the resort where I served spinet tomatoes and poured nineteen-dollar water. I wanted to start over, working myself lead tired, sober in an intoxicated world. 

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The Only Way Out Is Deeper In
"The only way out," he said grandly, "when you've outed yourself that badly, is deeper in." We were at the table by this time, soaking up the booze with Sonoran poutine: Tater Tots smothered in cheddar cheese, gooped with tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, salsa...

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On the House - Backstory by Leigh Madrid
I look out windows. If I stare or am still too long, nostalgia gnaws at my wrists, at my collarbone. I wish for snow, pray to forget. I said to you once, Dormancy is the slumber nearest death. It was winter. We were young then, high, in love of a sort. I sa...
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