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Rich Fisher
Advertising. Local Search & Social Media Consultant
Advertising. Local Search & Social Media Consultant

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Ha! I just registered "" with my hosting company! I'll be looking for contributors as soon as it propagates and I get WordPress on it!

I saw a post on Facebook. Someone said their friend from church was in a comma. I told him at least they weren't in a colon.

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Black Friday Blues LIVE

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"People often comment about how easily groups like Nazis and Fascists came to power. This is how. But hell, at least in Germany and Italy people were cowed by real threats of real violence. It's not especially heroic, but it's understandable. In America, we're heading down that path because people are afraid of unpleasant tweets."
"This is in addition to the tax cuts for the rich, which won't be paid for at all"

"Who would have guessed that militant conservatives were so spineless?"

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Godspeed Mr. Glenn!

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Another very thoughtful piece over at The Atlantic

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Love it!
New World Design says installation of the gold-colored pigs would "provide visual relief to the citizens of Chicago by interrupting the view of the ostentatious Trump Tower Chicago sign." The firm says in a blog post the giant pigs are a homage to one that's on the cover of Pink Floyd's 1977 album, "Animals."

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Sammy has always been a class act.
Take a peak inside Sammy's prized wine collection - over 10,000 bottles including a number of special vintages from his birth year and a 1929 Château Latour, plus hear about how Bill Graham inadvertently opened a bunch of first growth releases! 
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