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Webberly Rattenkraft
Fact rat at large, lab rat no more.
Fact rat at large, lab rat no more.
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Hey, look at that! I co-wrote a thing!

Warily I peek into the Google hole. Hmm... guess it's still here, huh? Suppose I should keep this active. Facebook can't last forever.

Holy barely-legal Smeagol, am I back here on Google+ already? Could I be getting into the habit of using this thing? Probably not. I suspect this is naught but random fluctuations in the probability matrix. That or gremlins, never overlook the gremlins.

I have returned from Seattle! Fdot is going to stay up there for a few more days. I don't know specifically what he's got planned, but I noticed he packed an unusual amount of licorice and C4 for just a week's stay, so I'm sure there's mischief afoot. As for me, I'm going to while away the hours of his absence with a lot of bad television and periodic binge-reading sessions with George V. Higgins.

Hastily throwing enough stuff into a suitcase for a weekend in Seattle, I pause for a moment to update both of you Google+ users out there. I'm going to Seattle for the weekend. But enough about me. How's stuff going? Boy, is that politics a brain-whomper or what? Well, gotta go. You too!

Sunday's Con Report! I didn't go to the con today, so I guess that ends the report. Kinda wish I'd bestirred my tail and gotten over there one more time, but on the bright side, no cops backed into me today, so it balances out. Where the hell is Fdot with those wings?

Time for Saturday's Comic Con report for all two or three of you Google+ people! I saw "Weird Al" Yankvoic but didn't get to hug him, I posed for a lot of photos, I actually managed to meet some of the friends I was hoping to meet but missed some others, I saw a whole lot of amazing costumes, and bought myself a spiffy new pair of goggles. All in all, not bad.

Never made it over to the convention today, although I did find time to stuff myself to near-capacity with sushi. Leftovers lurk in the mini-fridge, tempting me with their fishy goodness. Afterward, a cop broke his twenty-seven-year accident-free streak by backing into our van at a stoplight. He was quite polite about the whole thing, but we had to wait forever for the accident team from the proper jurisdiction to show up and I ended up missing the Aquabats! panel, which a witness has informed me was the funniest panel ever at SDCC. So it goes.

I suppose I should take a moment as I chronicle my epic adventures and/or lack thereof down here at Comic Con for Twitter and Facebook, a moment to include my possibly completely theoretical audience here at Google+ in the proceedings. So, Fdot has filled the mini-fridge with snacks and we're awaiting delivery from Vesuvio's. All is well, despite the shrieking coming from the back of my brain.

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Just relaxin' backstage, waitin' for my cue.
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