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Foxes and Shotguns
Foxes and Shotguns is a fun HTML5 game, featuring foxes, shotguns and wererabbits.
Foxes and Shotguns is a fun HTML5 game, featuring foxes, shotguns and wererabbits.


After 5 months of boring client work, I'm resuming Foxes and Shotguns development! I'm also working on another game I've been prototyping lately. Prepare yourself for some awesomeness!
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0.10.0 is finally online! Now you will see a screen to review your score after each game over. Also you are now able to challenge your friends with your score by posting an interactive post on Google+

This sharing feature is basic for now and depending on its usage I may work on notifications for when people from your circles beat your challenges. So vote for this feature by sharing your scores!

In the unused space you can see on the screenshot your missions objectives will appear in the upcoming release. You will be able to level up and unlock new things like items or in-game content.
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Two fixes released in two days. Thanks to your great bug reports 0.9.2 fixes a login issue that was happening once in a blue moon!
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beta 0.9.0 is now live, featuring a bunch of fixes and even better performance on mobile!
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What's next ?
With the overdue weekly update coming in a few days, I think this is time to share a roadmap of what's coming next.

I'm pretty happy about the gameplay, with the addition of the crow the flow of the game seems complete to me.
The big missing thing is a sense of progression, so this will be my focus over the next month. Here's what coming:

- Missions like survive 20 platforms or kill the crow
- A leveling ladder with interesting unlockable perks

I've been prototyping some of those features, most of the missions conditions are recorded by the game already, now it's a matter of surfacing them nicely to the player.

About this week update, a lot of bugs have been squished, performance and fluidity of the game have been improved even when running at an unstable frame rate. I just need to test things further before releasing.
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It took me a while, beta 0.8.0 is now live! The major change is that you now have to kill a crow at the end of each night for the sun to come back.
For now the only boss is a crow, more bosses are planned.
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beta 0.7.3 is out. Many bugs were fixed, thanks to your reports. Some weapons have been improved. Big update is coming next week!
Stay tuned :)
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You have probably experienced performance issues during the past day or so if you were using Chrome for Windows :/
Those issues were due to Chrome and have already been fixed!
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Foxes and Shotguns beta has just been updated to 0.7.1, paving the way for the next content update.
The game loads faster since the sounds weight have be halved. Also the framerate on mobile devices is reaching 60fps faster due to improvements to the the loading scene.

Have fun with +Foxes and Shotguns !
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Foxes and Shotguns have just been updated and improved!
Feedback is always appreciated and taken into account. Have fun :)
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