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Nicole Kibert
only music has the answer.
only music has the answer.


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Big (166/365)
A big giraffe looming in one of the park's on Governor's Island. Side Note: AJJ was awesome last night and this song has been going through my head all day. ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD - "Big Bird" I'm afraid of the way I live my life. I'm afraid of the way I don'...

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Quality (165/365)
Quality time with Jessica ❤ BAD RELIGION - "Quality Or Quantity" offer me eternity, and i'll trade a cup of coffee and a dime, looking for a handout on behalf of those who have so little time, but who wants to live on just 70 cents a day? padding your pocke...

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Cancelled (164/365)
Today I learned that when you book a flight on Southwest to LGA, instead you get to fly to Philly & then buy an amtrak ticket to NYC. Oh - and the side note is even though the desk agent said all NYC flights are cancelled, I just saw one so guess that's not...

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Fire (163/365)
It gets hot at The Imperial OPA #Circus #atlanta Who doesn't love a fire twirler? DEAD MILKMEN - "If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire" [sound of match striking] Know that it would be untrue Know that I would be a liar If I was to say to you I didn't set ...

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Splash (162/365)
It's too bad office fountains aren't utilized as splash pools. JIMMY EAT WORLD - "Splash, Turn, Twist" With a turn and a twist she gets her wish just a smile makes her who she wants. It's the smoke from the spark when the sulfur hits it turns into an inspir...

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Chameleon (161/365)
I really love how different Sky View Atlanta looks depending on time of day & weather, almost like a chameleon. SAVES THE DAY - "Chameleon" Where do we go from here? Together for seven years, Pull a polaroid from the lawn, You and your red dress before it w...

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Sleep (160/365)
I'm so excited that Andy is coming to visit me & see Lemuria that I made up the guest room to be lemuria themed 3 weeks in advance so he'll get some sleep. ❤ LEMURIA - "Get Some Sleep" You're wide awake before the alarm starts ringing  The house is cold  I ...

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Give (159/365)
Indy got a pupsicle. It was all gone before I took my hand away. ❤ SHAM 69 - "Give A Dog A Bone" The writing's on the wall Saying what are you gonna do Now the kids are turning round Running back over open ground You're frustrated by a life that owns you Ev...

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Jellyfish (158/365)
Magical Jellyfish Heaven. DEAD MILKMEN - "Jellyfish Heaven" Gotta go somewhere When you die So why not see the world Through jellyfish eyes Jellyfish heaven Where jellyfish go To get away from Mormons And drunk Eskimos Jellyfish heaven Is a lot Like LA If y...

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Guilty (157/365)
Indy has his "It's morning already?" look down. It's strikingly similar to his guilty look. LOOK MEXICO - "I'm Not Guilty, But I'm Used To It" Send "I'm Not Guilty, But I'm Used To It" Ringtone to your Cell Pour me another drink, won't you please. 'Cause I'...
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