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Jörg-Peter Rabanus
Cosmetic Dentist San Francisco
Cosmetic Dentist San Francisco


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A beautiful Pacific surfer sunset in San Francisco

I thought this would be perfect for my Google+ friends 😀

Happy weekend everyone!

#SanFrancisco #Sunset

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When "Young" meets "Old"
Mutual Respect . . .

One has seen it all. The other one is on the move towards a colorful future.

#SanFrancisco #MutualRespect

Thank you for the great shot +Gary Lo

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Happy Easter from San Francisco ❤️

Today is a perfect reason to unite your family and cherish your loved ones. And having fun . . .

#HappyEaster #SanFrancisco 
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Just registered for the 33rd annual scientific session of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. This will be fun :)

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San Francisco Bay Bridge
Another gorgeous sunrise with one of our beautiful landmarks . . .

Thank you so much for your endless stream of beautiful images of San Francisco +Gary Lo​​ :)

#SanFrancisco #beautiful

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Taking a walk in San Francisco.
always brings surprising views . . .
(see the Golden Gate bridge peeking through?)

#sanfrancisco #beautiful

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San Francisco Winter Sky
Welcome 2016 . . .

Thank +Gary Lo​ for another beautiful shot of our city.

#SanFrancisco #beautiful #winter

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Merry Christmas to all my friends anywhere on this planet . . .


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Gorgeous, the pleasures of winter.
(Hopefully coming soon . . .)

Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture +L Lyuda​.

#gorgeous #beautiful #winter

#снег   #зима   #beautiful  
Вьются хлопья снежные  мягкой пеленой,
 бесшумные, безбрежные, ложатся предо мной.

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The fragrance of printed paper . . .
I hope some of these beautiful relics of human history, bookstores, will always exist. Maybe they should be declared historical landmarks.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful collection of bookstores +Sig Nordal, Jr.​.

#beautiful #bookstores #books
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