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Ali El Shahawy
Audio Visual Technology in Egypt
Audio Visual Technology in Egypt

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Audiovisual (AV) Guidelines for Meetings, Events, Social Functions in Egypt

If you’re asked to handle AV on your own -
Even the most basic meeting will require a flipchart or easels with display boards, but many will also require a laptop, screen and projector for some type of slide or video presentation.

If the equipment can be self-contained (your own laptop and LCD projector, for example) and there is a built-in screen in the meeting room, you may be comfortable setting it up and monitoring the presentation by yourself.

But even such basic equipment can be problematic if the interface between a laptop and projector is incompatible or if the software used when creating a presentation is different than the software installed on the computer used when displaying it.

It may be difficult to receive presentations from your speakers a day in advance of your event for a trial run, but TRY. You will need time to resolve any glitches before it is time for the program to begin. - See more at:
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