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Zorndorf 1758, with Field of Sgt Steiner's
Another great game of Field of Battle at Sgt Steiner 's. These rules are truly under-represented in the wargaming sphere. Every
game is a large affair, a great narrative, and a logical conclusion in a
reasonable time - with lots of figures and excitement,...

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Ground Zero - Playtest
'Ground Zero' is a new set of Asymmetrical modern warfare rules from here . I've been looking for a set of modern rules that hacks various small and 'cold' war periods for a while - everything from Vietnam - through Falklands - through WWIII - through moder...

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Stones River - with Field of Battle
A great game with Sgt Steiner today - as we make the most of our respective periods of time off work. Another experiment with Field of Battle - using brigades as base units, with normal (unchanged) musket range of 2"/4"/6" to reflect rifled muskets and larg...

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Game Prep - ACW
Some pics of game prep for pending ACW battle (Stones River 1862) using Field of Battle . (Youngest daughter already saying that she can do better than my painted on rivers...challenge accepted!)

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Le Duc on the Road, Part VII - Aughrim
There have been rumours of late of a planned 'Battle of Aughrim' game in the planning stage, using Field of Battle. :) Living 4 hours from the battlefield of course, means that on the ground research was required! There is as excellent heritage centre at Au...

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Game 56 - Freeman's Farm / 1st Saratoga 1777 (again)
I’d recently played Field of Battle again – hosted by Sgt Steiner (previous
post), then got into some good discussion on the Nations in Arms blog about the narrative element of the rules. So,
with some free time, we decided to look at the game over a number...

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Battle of Kolin, 1757 - at Sgt. Steiner's
Another great group game with Brent Oman's Field of Battle rules at Steinahh' s today. Great company, and these rules never disappoint.   An epic Seven Years War clash (the Battle of Kolin ), with a couple of beautiful 15mm armies. These rules are a real hi...

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I am 5
I actually nearly missed the date, but ‘Warfare in the Age
of Cynics and Amateurs’ is five years old tomorrow. I started the blog to give me
a focus, after an enforced hiatus from wargaming. It gave me targets for games
and painting, rather than flitting fr...

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Le Duc on the Road Part VI - Berlin
There’s nothing like a business trip, and its location, to get the
creative juices flowing with regard to a blog post. That said, the Berlin trip
was a few days, but I was able to get a (horrifically) early flight which
pretty much gave me an afternoon of s...
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