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Creating an Animated GIF Google+ Cover Image

We've changed our Google+ cover image to an animation, see it on our page here:

If you're curious about the process here's a step by step guide on how to do it quickly for your own Google+ page:

 - Create a new Photoshop image template 2120x1192
 - Create three (or more) slides complete with text
 - Export each slide from Photoshop as a bitmap
 - Create a new Adobe Premiere Pro project
 - Import the three (or more) animation bitmap slides
 - Arrange the timeline slides w/ transition animations
 - Preview your animation until it's how you like it
 - Select File, Export, Media

Here are the export settings to generate a GIF file:

 - Format: Animated Gif
 - Width/Height dimensions set to 1080 x 608 PX
 - Frame rate: 5
 - Field Type: Progressive
 - Aspect: Square Pixels

At those settings the resulting animated GIF was 12.5 MB and still within the upload limits for Google cover images. From here, just head to your Google+ page, manage it, and select the "Change Cover" button. Upload your new GIF file, set your cropping preferences, and you're done!

Pretty fast and easy to do. I am sure there are other ways to create an animated cover picture for your Google Plus profile but these steps worked well for us. See the MP4 (non GIF) version on Youtube here: Google+ Animated Gif Cover Image

Did you follow this guide? Let us know how these steps work for you in the comments below.
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