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Reverse engineering for an unengineered planet!

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By expanding the Open Expert software to assimilate data and auto generate learning paths we enable low cost and free open education on a vast scale.

We load the textbook electronically. Stanford Natural Language Processing parses it into "thoughts". Sentences are given importance values. The most important sentence of each page is placed with important sentences from 4 other pages in random order for learner selection.

It repeats for each page until the end of the textbook. The learner reads one page at a time and then selects the sentence from the page just read from the list of five sentences.

If the correct sentence is selected the learners goes to the next page. If the wrong sentence is selected they are sent back one or more pages to read over again. At this point, only text is processed. The page image is presented with all text and graphic content for the learner to read.

The OpenExpert has the capabilities to display WebGL as embedded html and we hope to use WebRTC for real time monitoring of progress.

We used the first free open textbook of the electronic age as an example. In the 1980's the philosophy text entitled "God Science and Reason" hit the bbs's and was the first opencourseware of the electronic media age.

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