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Margarita Espada: the art of social change
"Like the yerba bruja plant freckling the hillsides of Puerto Rico, withstanding intense heat and almost unlivable conditions, adapting to whatever challenges threaten to harm it, Margarita Espada , too, has learned to adapt, to survive, to thrive."  More

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I’m Dreaming of a Coquito Christmas
" M y feverish obsession with making the best coquito took off
4 years ago. I had settled back in Nuyorico after a one year research stint in
Puerto Rico. New (once more) to my Puerto Rican community in New York, I set to
perfect the recipe of my foremother...

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Rosie at Rochester's Seabreeze
Rosemarie Gutierrez , a Rochester, NY Realtor, enjoys a bit
of summertime fun on the Carousel at Seabreeze Amusement Park .  

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How to dress your children for tomorrow's NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC -- or the one in your hometown.
Cómo vestir a los nenes para La Parada #PRparade  by  Marixsa of   MamáBoricua en Brooklyn  bog . 

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Remembering Yolanda Sanchez
Yolanda Sanchez was a natural leader, tenacious, accomplished, and a very kind soul. East Harlem’s Trailblazer Yolanda Sánchez Leaves a  Legacy (1932-2012) Center for Puerto Rican Studies PRdream mourns the passing of Yolanda Sanchez, 1932 – 2012

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Farmingdale Housing Discrimination Lawsuit Settled in Favor of Latino Plaintiffs
Victory! After calling the lawsuit 'offensive' -- How dare 9 Latinos demand justice! -- the Village of Farmingdale agreed to all of the plaintiffs demands, including building affordable housing and paying damages to the displaced residents. Which municipali...

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Housing Bias Against Latinos: LI's Dirty Little Secret Exposed in Court
We know that municipalities across LI, NY and the nation, have been working to limit and, in many instances, push out Latino and African American residents. The actions are often done quietly, justified as community upgrades or code  enforcement. And the vi...

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Jibaro Lifestyle: Puerto Rico's New Generation of Eco-Farmers
" A new generation of eco-farmers in Puerto Rico are working
to bring pride back to the jíbaro lifestyle. Young people all over Puerto Rico
are heading back to the land and starting organic farms up in the mountains,
growing everything from coffee to kale."...

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Puerto Rico's Projected 2100 Population Minus 1 Million to 2.8 Million
According to UN data, Puerto Rico's population will fall to 2.8 million by 2010. That's a loss of 1 million people from its high of 3.8 million in 2000. The island's population slide is also in sharp contrast to predicted increases in US, hemispheric and gl...

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